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Calling all Cypher Game Players

Calling all Cypher Game Players

Alright, I just saw a thread calling all Old School D&D players to sound off. I would like to do the same with Cypher system. This system seems to be hot right now. I personally have 2 Numenera games and 1 Strange game going, am playing in a Cypher Core game, and readying 2 other Cypher Core games (A Star Trek and a Supers game). The potential and versatility of the Cypher system is pretty darn awesome, and I would love to know who out there plays the system and, potentially,could be used to tap when life gets in the way and a player has to step out of a game.

The List

The Strange is my favorite by far but seems to not be very popular with players. I'm currently reading God's Fall, didn't finish absorbing everything in it.

I am a big fan of The Strange as well, but I am also playing in Numenera and in Cypher. I do not have the Cypher book, but I can usually put something together with what I have.

From a GM's perspective, this is almost the perfect rules system. I backed The Strange kickstarter, so I'm certainly a fan.

The Strange is also my favorite. Love the idea of cross-genre playing with the same character. I've got Numenera, Cypher and Gods of the Fall. Looking forward to more and am working on my own ideas.

The Cypher System Rulebook is exactly the kind of product I hoped would come into being as soon as I saw Numenera during the kickstarter. I'm extremely pleased it exists. I've been tinkering with a homebrewed, gritty, ice age, low magic fantasy campaign setting for some months now just for kicks. It's been great fun.

Aavarius, nice! Any thoughts of publishing?

I've got several ideas banging around in my head. My PNP group is very firmly entrenched in Fantasy, so I may go with fantasy to lure them in, or try something radically different, like pulp, or scifi. Was kicking around ideas with one of the guys. He came up with the idea of "A team travelling the globe during WWII stopping Hitler's men from finding occult items that are real and could tip the scales of the war." I replied, "So....Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense?"

No, I'm afraid the theming and meta plot need more work before it ever sees the light of day. It's got some interesting ideas (like giants whose strength and body heat are tied to their emotions, so that they can actually self-combust if they Hulk out too much) but I'm not sure where I'm going to go with any of it.

That WWII thing sounds like fun. At risk of sounding very insensitive, I think we need more Nazi sorcerers (to defeat, of course).


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