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M&M 3E Staged Game?

I'm trying this again with a new ad. Same concept.

Joshua, can you give me brief walkthrough of all steps involving starting a game here?



The steps are pretty much this:

Create a Game Forum (Which you've already done)

Then create Necessary Subforums, like you've got Applications right now, and a Main Thread Group.
You also might want a GM Stuff Where you can make private threads only you can view to keep track of information.

You also might want a Setting Information To contain threads like World Events, Other Famous Heros/Villains, Organizations, and whatnot.

Make sure your applications subforum contains a thread that describes what the game is going to be like, and details what you expect an application to have. (For instance is a character sheet necessary? Background? Personality? Appearance? Or whatever you have in mind.

Then you want to have a thread, probably in the main thread group for OOC talk, in case people have questions or wanna chat before the game gets going.

Finally your game ad should have information about your setting and a primer to the story/game you're running, as well as character creation guidelines (likely the same text from your forum). You also need a ad closing date (deadline for apps) and how many people you roughly expect to accept.

Let me know if you want more.


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