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Glabrezu Wish payback

Undead-ness is usually meant as an upgrade to make a monster tougher, and depending on the exact template it can add a number of abilities that the monster didn't have before.

If it were me I'd probably try to go with a wish that I know the demon will accept and corrupt, but that makes it easier to beat anyhow, eg, "I wish you were a rabbit!" --Demon turns into a twelve-foot tall firebreathing rabbit. "I have you now. Release the hounds!"

Originally Posted by Lothmar View Post
kak - *Shrug* Thought there was a thing about creatures with special powers/abilities losing those when they became undead. Dont usually dabble to much into necromancy so dont know a lot of the rules for turning stuff into undead etc.
Er, well depends on the undead actually. Sentient undead (mummies, vamps, liches, ghouls, etc) keep any SLAs and casting while mindless (skeletons, zombies)...

KA for short. Kak just looks awful.

The problem is that the creature can choose to ignore a given wish. If it's a forced wish, then "Change your own alignment to Neutral Good" would be my wish of choice.

"Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?"

However, this guy can refuse to cast the wish you made, so that's pretty useless. There's basically nothing that can get around the wording requirements of the Wish spell, as well as an intelligent being with the capability of simply saying "hah, no, not doing."

It only worked in Wishmaster due to a specific "chosen one" plot point that was pretty deus ex machina to begin with.


Instead... I recommend forgetting the Wish and investing in the lvl 4 spell Dimensional Anchor.

Then you kill it the traditional way now that it has to put actual effort into escaping.

Ka - Sorry bout that.

Tan - Hmm changing alignment is actually somewhat amusing, though i'd wonder if i'd have to rework the wording for in character etc. Though I wonder if 'by nature' the creature is just Chaotic evil and the change would be temporary and all it would take is a few more wish corruptions to get him back to CE.

I don’t know if the creature is 'forced' to answer the wishes of the one's who released it onto this plane or not… I wasn't in the group for that arc (think it was temple of elemental evil?), I'll ask in character about it since it's reprucussions have already disemboweled me once. *chuckle*

Yeah me and our illusionist have failed against his SR with that in 2 encounters so far

Though I was interested in whether DA becomes a 'spell effect' and therefor SR wouldn't apply if i linked it onto a Hallow. Can anyone confirm that?

Sure it'll cost 4k to do, but guaranteed no SR is pretty boss on a no save spell - im pretty sure I could convince everyone to each chip in 1k. Plus the thing has tricked us a few times into TP'ing it elsewhere so if we ever have suspicions we can tp him into the prepared site.


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