Very excited to be here! - Myth-Weavers


Newcomers, don't be shy, come and introduce yourself! Our members will be delighted to bring you into the fold.

Very excited to be here!

Welcome, new friend @damngeons_and_darngons ! I hope your overwhelmedness quickly lapses to familiarity!

Here's a few links you might find helpful!
Rodrigo has a thread at the top of the Intros. Note his fancy Blue Name, meaning he's a mod!
bbCode used on the Weave, so you can format your posts all pretty and Dice Code so you can roll all kinda crazy dice!
Last and certainly not least, you are cordially invited to the Myth-Weavers Discord! Home of literally trillions of channels(for some uses of 'literally'), and the friendliest harpoon welcome you can imagine!

We got all sortsa games and gamers on site, from your standard fantasy like D&D and Pathfinder, Shadowruns of all flavors, people who insist that Fate can and should be used to run any game possible...if you can dream it, someone here'll dream it with you.

If you have any questions, ask a Blue Name, ask me, or hop on the Discord and ask the beautiful Weavers there!

I hope you like it with us!

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