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Jane Apostle 109

Hi @EliceaRavahana,

Thanks for creating a character for Adventurers League! I hope you find the process somewhat fluid and that you enjoy yourself once you've gotten accepted into a game (which is easy, honestly).

I've looked over Collective apostle 109's character sheet and here's what I've found needs additional amending/adding:

Personality Traits: Need to select two

Alignment: If you'd like Collective apostle 109 to be a Lawful Evil character, you'll need to take the Faction Agent Background and/or the Safe Haven Background Feature (look here), aligning themselves with either the Lord's Alliance or the Zhentarim.

Ability Scores / Saving Throws / Skill Check Modifiers: Just need to compile those on your MW sheet (so STR ST = -1; Persuasion = +5; etc.).

That's what I noticed right away. Your AL Logsheet looks fine, but may need to be adjusted depending on what you do re: LE character. Ping us back when you're ready for review #2.


Hi @EliceaRavahana,

Thanks for making those changes. Second glance at Collective apostle 109's character sheet shows the following (don't worry, you'll be a pro soon enough):

Personality Traits: Need to add one more (talking about that spot just above "ideals" on p. 1 of the sheets)

Weapons: Need to list the weapons & their weights in inventory. Could also sell anything off for 1/2 value pre-adventuring... just add a thingy on your AL Logsheet.

AL Logsheet: Need to adjust the Background Entry; Need to add 15 GP for pregame $$ (background)

That's what I've noticed. Please ping me/us back when you're done.


@EliceaRavahana: Congratulations! You are ready to start applying to games!

Typically the Chamber of Waiting is the place to go to see which DMs are actively accepting players. The Open Games thread is updated less frequently, but is an indicator of which tables have seats available. Most everything is first come, first serve, so PM those DM's!


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