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Elusya Eventide, Tiefling Paladin of Mystra

Elusya Eventide, Tiefling Paladin of Mystra

BasicsName: Elusya Eventide
Alignment: True Good
Class: Paladin
Deity: Mystra
Origin: Athkatla, Amn
Player's Handbook
Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes
Physical StatsRace: Tiefling
Variant: Descendant of Glasya
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 136 lbs.
Eyes: Deep Blue Sea
Hair: Raven
Skin: Black Velvet
Background OptionsBackground: Acolyte
Adjustments: Arcana instead of Insight
Personality: Life outside the walls of cloisters is new to me. A look at everything in amazement. I am often surprised how others do not uphold the same virtues as I do.
Ideals: I believe in the good in even the deepest darkness. Everything in the multiverse has its place and is bound by the Weave to everything else in surprising ways.
a) I am bound in blood to powerful devils. I accept this legacy as duty, as envoy of Mystra.
b) I am devout to Mystra and the Weave that ties all the planes. I am bound to protect her own.
c) My parents' legacy is one of evil and I will be tempted. I must never falter in my virtues.
Flaws: Wordly matters seem alien to me. I only feel comfortable in the presence of outsiders and planar travellers.

In BriefElusya is one of the few knights within Mystra's armed order. As a young woman with a strong connection to the various planes of existence in the multiverse the Weave is true foundation of Elusya's reality. Magic is the one true art, even though Elusya is not an artists, she devoted her life to its kind goddess.

Elusya's parents were outstanding powerful creatures of evil, her father a cambion and son the Glasya, her mother a witch who created a pact with hell in his strife for fame. Elusya was born in the battlefield of intrigues that was Athkatla. In spite of her parents' evil, Elusya's childhood was happy, for her parents genuinly loved each other and they did love their daughter. When Elusya was 10 years old, her parents stumbled over an ambitious intrigue, they were both banished and persist as Furies in Hell. Elusya was taken in by the Order of Tyr and confined cloisters for the next ten years of her life. There she learned the way of chivalrous conduct.

Inspired by a mentor, a wizard-priest of Mystra, who oftentimes visited her discuss the planes of existence and her special case, Elusya requested to convert to the faith of Mystra. Her wish was granted when she was 20. After two more years, she was knighted. She continued to accompany her mentor for several more months, but now that he settled down in Candlekeep, she is free and on her own, for the first time in her life.

Wonderful story! Congratulations on putting so much work and thought into it! Great work!

Not a mediator just reading stories of folks characters.

Elusya Eventide
Neutral Good Female Tiefling Paladin 1
[Profile] [Sheet] HP 12/12 | AC 15,17 | Lay on Hands 5/5 | Divine Sense 4/4
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