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Game Assassin, Viktor Slivent

It's true. Honestly, I've never understood how anyone sees it as a problem. I don't mean to sound unpleasant; I genuinely have never gotten it.

You're the GM. You literally control everything in the multiverse except for the players' PCs. If a character needs to die, it's always an option. Sometimes dragons up.

Ok, semi-quick example:

I once had a player create a stereotypical "lone wolf" ninja-y PC who, instead of sitting around the fire with the rest of the party, sat up alone in trees and whatnot. Very early on in the adventure, the group is passing a shack in a swamp and this lone wolf investigates it by listening. He hears laughter and general good cheer. He goes to look in. He sees four half-orc men playing strip cooord-aath (it's like poker, but with dominoes). They are unarmed and no threat.

He says he wants to bar the door, set fire to the cabin and roast the four people alive because his character hates gay people and that's just what he'd do.


So his PC bars the door and sets the fire.

I had the four half-orcs - admittedly bumped up a few levels as Monks, I won't lie - climb out of the unlocked window he hadn't noticed and killed the PC right then and there. The party just watched, dumbfounded.

Good times.

Don't let something silly like a crazy player ruin a perfectly good story.

Originally Posted by Raistlinmc View Post
So here's my question: why start a game if you know you're going to kill it a week or two weeks later? I get that health concerns trump online gaming every time, so let's just forget that one and chalk it up as entirely legitimate. Bad stuff happens and this is just a hobby; I get that. Exceptions happen.

But in the vast majority of cases, GMs aren't quitting before the second battle (what I like to call the "Sandpoint Glassworks Syndrome") because of health concerns. So again, I ask: why start a game - recruitment, culling applications, selecting players, refining characters, getting your campaign page in order, setting the stage, etc. - just to quit almost immediately afterward? I usually can empathize and figure this sort of thing out, but I admit that this problem has left me dumbfounded over the last ten years or so.
Yeah, I know, right? Maybe I'm not the one to talk, since I dropped out of a few campaigns myself in all the time I've been in RPGs, and a few of those times were as the GM, but isn't the entire point of play by post that it's easier to fit into your schedule? Isn't it especially supposed to be the better choice for young people with busy schedules? Yet they're the ones that flake out the most and the fastest.

It's not THAT hard to fit in one post every day or two, either some time between getting home to your studio apartment with a bare mattress and drinking yourself to sleep on $2 Chuck while trying not to think about the pay-or-vacate on your door. I mean, come on. This was your idea, right? What do you mean you can't summon the energy to GM in the morning between waking up and going to a job you hate that pays $3.25/hour and $0 in tips? I did both of those all the time when I was younger, and I had a kid (two now). Then again, I dropped those games.

Actually, nevermind. I just remembered what that was like, and I totally get why somebody might just up and quit for a reason they can't articulate to the satisfaction of their players. If you'd asked me back then why I dropped those games, I couldn't have provided you a concrete answer. You don't need a burst appendix for real life to kill a hobby. (Though I've been there too.)

I'm not saying it's wrong to blame people for starting something they can't finish, but I, personally, don't. I'm also not saying everybody who drops a game for no adequately explained reason has an inadequately explained reason anything like that, and I get it's frustrating when somebody flakes out on you, but it's just a hobby and perhaps it's better a GM quit than force themselves to keep going (for them and you), but that's just my opinion.

So back on topic, anyone else have a favorite character that has ended multiple games? Arcane Desperado seems to have beaten Viktor’s number of 5 game deaths!

Weave 7 - (Current) Quinton under another alias has become a vigilante is another large gestalt game. The results of this massive 10+ player undertaking have yet to be decided.
Dead game. DM has vanished with no response for over two weeks. I will be attempting to save a few refugees into my own home brew game, but Quinton under another alias has claimed yet another.


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