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Percentile Dice

I have an irrational hatred of d4 systems. Or maybe just the thought of losing a few in the carpet and finding them accidentally late at night...

Yeah, legos are nothing once you've stepped on a d4. Damn things can actually break the skin.

Oh, as for being irrational about this...

...Long ago, before I drifted out of the hobby, I adored percentile systems. My homebrews were all mostly percentile, and my standard approach to kludging together something for a one-shot in some historical setting was to adapt BRP.

Now that I’ve rejoined roleplaying, though, I find that I have developed this weird aversion to percentile systems in premodern settings. There’s just something about the flavor of expressing things in % that feels wrong for any time before the twentieth century for me.

Yes, this makes very little sense (and is the road to Castle Falkenstein). It’s not like I object to D&D currency being decimal, and that’s in-world. But make my fantasy elf character have Bow 83% as a purely mechanical expression of how good he is with a longbow despite being built like a twig, and somehow I feel that’s “not right.”

I do think there should be more d12-based systems. The most appealing shape, one that alludes to a sphere, without being like the [expletive deleted] d20 that looks like it really wants to be a sphere and keeps failing.

The mighty Barbarian d12 scoffs at puny "Caltrops".
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