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[Solo] Who wants to destroy the world?

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[Solo] Who wants to destroy the world?

The Endbringer - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

This is the way the world ends ...

... or is it?

This is a solo game where you destroy the world. It will take place in three acts.

In the first act, you will be alone and weak. Luckily for you, the world probably doesn't know you exist, aside from one or two people who are probably considered paranoid. Even so, you will have to work carefully and with great secrecy to build your power, or else you will be discovered and destroyed. You will not only improve yourself, but you will also recruit, summon, construct, or otherwise create your first minions.

In the second act, you will have become a recognized threat, and the forces arrayed against you will be considerable: bounty hunters, church inquisitors, local militia, adventuring teams and the like. While you will have grown more powerful, you will still not be able to win a fair fight against those who are hunting you. You will have to outthink and outflank your opponents at every turn. And if that fails, you will have to order a few of your more expendable minions to buy you some time, and then run like hell.

In the final act, you will represent a true, apocalyptic threat. Entire countries will put aside their differences to stand united against your coming. Everything from clerical orders to druid circles to wizard colleges will start militarizing in order to stop you. You will have to pre-emptively strike some of the strongest forces that the world has to offer before they can turn their full power on you.

And then: Armageddon. If you can manage it.

I will be running this game in 5e, because it's the system that I know best and because it is flexible enough to work in the way I intend. You will manage your own character (who is presumably a caster of some kind) and eventually 1-3 minions (who are more combat-oriented). In later acts, you'll be making large-scale decisions about army deployment which I'll deal with separately.

Depending on your concept, your character will start somewhere in the level 1-4 range. I would prefer average or below average stats, because I want improving those stats to be a goal for your character. And since I plan on scaling the difficulty to the character, I am opening this up to pretty much any race and class you want to use, even if it's somewhat broken. Anything WOTC is automatically approved (including UA), and I'll lean toward accepting homebrew stuff unless it's obviously horrible. I am generally against gestalts, but if you have a strong enough character concept, you might be able to sell me.

As for your character concept, that's up to you. You could be a necromancer or an avenging druid or a prophet of the Great Old Ones. Maybe you're the world's only self-aware warforged and it's time to go Skynet on this popsicle stand. Or it could be that a weird meteor landed on your farm last night, and now you're full of Zerg DNA.

Tell me how you want to end the world.

Applications will close to new interest on Monday, 24 June 2019.
Existing applications must be completed by Wednesday, 26 June 2019.

Game Description:

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Final reminder that applications must be started by midnight tonight and finished by midnight on Wednesday.


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