Pathfinder AP trade?

So, I think I'm ready to throw out some invites for Ironfang Invasion. Not sure it will start all that soon, but this will give time to check interest, and handle recruitment if necessary (don't think they will be), as well as figure out characters.

Let me know who's interested in killing (well, mostly running away from) a bunch of hobgoblins.

Originally Posted by Druid Knight View Post
I am going to go ahead and prepare to run Wrath of the Righteous.
Oooh, awesome. I'm interested!

I would be up for WotR!

I would love to play Mummy's Mask!

Concerning DMing I might give it a try, but you need to be aware of several factors:
- I have very little experience with PbP gaming and Pathfinder in general
- I have DMed only several RL sessions of post-apo system

So if you're not afraid to put your lives (or actually your characters' lives) in hands of a rookie, we can work something out


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