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4E: Lord of Pride

4E: Lord of Pride

Please critique my attempt at the Lord of Pride, for this month's update. It's attached as an image.

EDIT: See below.

As a solo, I'd add a few things: First, some kind of ability when it is bloodied, perhaps a boost to its attacks...Maybe while bloodied, he gains an action point when he misses with both attacks using Dwarven Might?
Second, increase the recharge to at least 5, but I think 4 is probably better.
Third, the normal +5 to all saves is missing, and I'd throw in some protection from stuns, as well.
Fourth, Dwarven Battlecry needs a duration on the attack bonus.
As is, Thuldin's offensive abilities are rather limited, and he'll probably end up attacking twice with his axe most rounds, with his immediate reaction ability triggering only once or twice. In addition, he has nothing to help him against ranged bombardment. Perhaps something like:
Shield Wall
Thuldin has a +2(maybe more?) to all defenses against ranged and area attacks from 5 or more squares away.

Take a look at this for comparison. It's a older solo, so it has more HP, and supposedly less offensive power. However, it has one more attack each round for more damage, an aura that disrupts PC plans, a rather powerful immediate reaction power that will trigger pretty much every round, burrow, resist, and a better blast power.

Removing the limitation on Won't Be Intimidated, or changing it to something else, would make it far more useful and likely to trigger. Shifting is also a major component of battlefield movement, and since solos often degenerate into standing slugfests, removing that option is even worse.

Idea: Keep the restriction, but Earthshaker, at recharge 4 or 5, pushes as well as creates difficult terrain. Then, have Dwarven Battlecry recharge when Won't Be Intimidated is used.

Good comments. Thanks. Here's my next try. Removing the restriction on Won't Be Intimidated and adding Shield Bash as a minor action makes for a nasty combo that makes the former much more useful. Adding the push effect to Earthshaker also synergizes with it.
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Shield of Pride/Exultant Error really shouldn't have usage entries, as they're passive abilities, but it might be a Monster Builder limitation.

The wording on Won't Be Intimidated could use a little bit of clarification, as it slightly implies that it can be used more than once per round, but it's otherwise good.

Yeah, its the monster builder limitation. When I publish it to my site, I'll hand code the html.

Aren't immediate actions usable once per round?

Exactly, it's just that the "each additional enemy" part is unclear; I'd have said "any enemy", since the enemy you're already adjacent to isn't going to move closer to you.
Also, 15 total to saves vs poison? Wow.

I see your point. I was trying to make it clear that the extra attack could only be used against the enemy entering the square, not the enemy already adjacent to him. I could see how "additional" could be misleading.

And the 15 is a mistake. I accidentally added the +5 twice. Thanks for catching that.

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