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OOC Discusion for Burnt Offerings

Before Gogmurt walks into the harem, I would like you to move your tokens to wherever you character is when he opens the door. I would also want to see where this talk of "howler" leads to - its pretty important...

OK. Got it. Will Lurr try to trip a female goblin if it comes out first? Or will she wait specifically for Bruthazmus to come out?

Same question for Jackson - wait for Bruthazmus, or attack whatever comes out first?

And question for Gogmurt - is he going to let the girls and Bruthazmus go through his space or will he try to stop them (making himself their target)?

I doubt the Shelynite is going to go for the 'ladies' first, she probably isn't considering them a threat yet (at least not in the first few seconds). She'd wait for the big harry guy who was taking advantage of the poor girls.

(don't think it really matters, both her attempts were pretty poor and likely to fail).

EDIT: Actually, I think i did say anyone but gogmurt - so we can just go with that if it's simpler.

Gogmurt has apparently underestimated Bruz's lovemaking abilities. These ladies are ready to die for his hobmanhood.

As a sad aside, this would have been the perfect opportunity for Art's color spray. Then again, Art wouldn't be interested in preserving goblin lives. Oh well.

I'm sorry if i derailed plans, I'm super out of it due to 70+ hour work week, but probably not too far off given the fact i'm an oracle who studies being literally beyond comprehension.

just as a heads up, I will be out of town thursday through monday for Muse on Minis con. Gonna try and qualify for the warmachine weekend masters invitational.

I think Goblin Wife 3 is actually dying if those attacks all actually went off. The first Talon (5 nonlethal) would have knocked her out, and any subsequent hits would have been lethal damage (an additional 8), so she's at -3 with 5 nonlethal - unless we decide that after she dropped unconscious, the hawk didn't actually make the other attacks.

Additionally, I'm not sure we could justifiably say that the hawk would make nonlethal attacks - Hai'ta has no way to genuinely control it, and it just attacks obvious threats, not really pulling punches - but even lethal, the first talon would have knocked her unconscious at exactly 0 hp - which really is ideal for our purposes.

If it did stopped after the first attack, than it could have moved somewhere else. (You can declare a full attack, and if you only end up taking one, it is still just the Standard attack action).

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