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I didn't get the free bundle, and it's been glitchy for me too. Oh well. After about an hour trying to log in, I played about five rounds of Tavern Brawl, which usually lifts my spirits, but I did not fair well on this edition.

The matches were so painfully one sided, that I wasn't sure if I was being mocked when they offered the obligatory "Well Played" emote before finishing me off.

I'm talking, a one sided trouncing. 0-28, 0-23+15, 0-30, 0-24+2, and so on.

I guess I was due. I've had extraordinary luck in Tavern Brawl in the past and usually get my reward on the first battle. So, I'll keep my chin up and keep swinging more today. Eventually, I'll get a winning hand.

Originally Posted by Cleric8092 View Post
Very small update when opened app. Likely the fix. And a free witchhwood pack. Mine was double epic.
I had 3 free Witchwood packs.. Thinking its the Pick your Champ.

Ah, good call. Yep, choose champ pack(s).

I finally got my Tavern victory, then went back to Witchwood. I picked Jade buckets every round except the last, because it wasn't an option. My passives were Entrenchment and Crystal Gem. I dealt impressive damage and took very little from the setup, except, again, when I got to Captain Shivers. He finished with 69 HP and the majority of the damage I did to him was from causing him to deck out.

I'm just not sure how to beat that guy. Obviously, I landed on something good by causing him to deck out. Once he played Fel Reaver, I knew what I had to do, and just kept playing and replaying cheap cards. But this isn't a viable strategy unless he plays Fel Reaver early.

Any ideas?

He's really hard. Sounds like you did all you could. If you get silence weapon you can silence some stuff. I'm fuzzy on what he does. But mill, destroying right cards after he goes fell reaver. And lot o jades. I don't remember how I did it. But jades were key for me. And luck.

The best way to beat shivers is the force him to mill his Kingsbane which completely screws over his main deck strategy. The hardest part is keeping your board full until he actually plays Fell Reaver.

I remeber when I beat him I actually ran a Kingsbane deck which once I threw lifestyle and got its attack to around 6 or 7 I was able to keep his board somewhat clear while maintaining my health

Happy Fire Festival everyone!

(Double the gold on quests)


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