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Replacement for Ditzie?

Replacement for Ditzie?

So, I woke up this morning, tried to post some combat with my game, and did my usual thing to load the ditzie map and... fail. At first I thought it was my intarwebbs, but no, I had a friend check and he had the same fail as I did.

My next thought was, RIP ditzie… you... just took a third of my game's visual resources with you... (insert more colourful words here)

Yes yes, I know ditzie has been limping on its last limbs for years now, but it's been a pretty big favorite of mine for 3 reasons:
  1. It was literally made for PbP
  2. Ease of use once a map is set up
  3. Turn tracking
Does anybody know of (or have been using) a decent alternative to satisfy those needs?

'roll20', though it has its own 'problems' but it definitely seems more stable and supported...'s a business.

Ditzie is back online as of last night.

My upstream provider had some issues and rebooted the server it runs on. I needed to restart things (note to self: fix startup scripts), but I was traveling for work this week and stuck behind the blizzard in Denver.

Anyhoo, I got home, ran a few commands, and we're back humming along.

Huzzah siege!

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