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Starting up Numenera as a GM?

Starting up Numenera as a GM?

I have substantial experience running F2F and PbP games in 5e, but I am finding I have a desire to explore some other, less traditional game settings and approaches. In my exploration of alternative systems, I stumbled across Monte Cook's Numenera system. I am thinking I would run it using the the Discovery/Destiny rules, but having nothing other than access to the corebooks, I am a little nervous about simply putting out an ad and recruiting guinea pigs to experiment on. In essence, I am not sure how well my 5e experience transfers into this new setting.

That being said, if there are any experienced Numenera GMs about, what are your tips/tricks/advice for a newb Numenera GM?

I am thinking of starting with one of the pre-formatted adventures in Discovery, like Taker of Sorrow or Vault of Reflection, or perhaps Destiny's The Door Beneath the Ocean or Terminus, unless someone has a suggestion of a better or more user-friendly starting point.

@Tarien. I have been running Numenera, The Strange and other Cypher games for around 3 years now. Cypher system, is the easiest game system I have run in 40 years of gaming. I can ad lib a game session with just the table of difficulties. While the setting appears very different, you can very easily run it as a fantasy game with some technology influences. I'm currently running The Devil's Spine and a The Strange campaign of my own making here on MW, as well as planning to run the Pathfinder AP Curse of the Crimson Throne by Cypher system for my home group. I Started a The Strange game 3 weeks after purchasing the core rules, and agreed to run a Numenera game before I even had the rules.

Destiny brings in some complexity as it incorporates community building. If you want to wade in, I would suggest just start with characters made from Discovery (nano, glaive and jack, and the descriptors and foci therein). I have not read the adventures in those books so I can't comment on them, but should be able to later this week.

We have a small but loyal group of Cypher gamers here. If you decide to run a game here, I would be interested in joining. I am only running 2 games and playing in none at this time, and would love to be a player as well.

Specific to Cypher by Numenera, I do a couple things to ease things.

1) Tell your players the Difficulty Level and the Target Number at the start. "It's a L4(12) Intellect task." Then explain that training, specialization, Efforts and Assets can reduce the difficulty, and ask them if they have any training or assets they think would apply, or if they would like to use effort. As your game progresses, and your players become more used to the game system, you can go away from announcing the difficulty, and make them guess.

Originally Posted by Example
"Identifying the device is a L4(12) Intellect check. You can lower that difficulty through skill training, effort or assets. If you think you have any training or assets, or if you want to use Effort to reduce the difficulty, call them out when you roll."
2) Initiative - As a GM, I roll it for everyone, adjust things for training and specialization, and list the combat order. Those who beat the opponents can go first. For those who did not beat the average opponent level, I tell them how many levels of effort or assets they would need to use to go before their opponents, and ask them if they would like to use effort or assets. Once everyone has said if they are going to use Effort or Assets to adjust their Initiative, I post the order. Those who go before the opponents go first, then all of the opponents. After all the opponents have gone, all the players get to go in any order.

Originally Posted by Example
"*rolls Initiative*

GM: Initiative Order
1. Sarah, Lex - any order
2. Kray Drones - any order
3. Talus, Vernon. Vernon needs 1 level adjustment to go before the Kray. Talus needs 3, as he has an Inability on initiative.

Talus, Vernon, do you have any assets that would apply to initiative, or do you want to use Effort?"

Vernon - "Vernon will use 1 level of Effort."

Talus - "Talus only has 2 Effort and no assets that would apply."

GM: Initiative Order
1. Sarah, Lex, Vernon - any order
2. Kray Drones - any order
3. After the Kray go, All of you can go. Talus finishes up round 1 and then the rest of you start round 2. But to expedite things, you can go in any order.
I am very open to fielding any questions you have about the system. I am serious in that it is SUPER easy to run. Especially when characters take an unexpected path. So easy to ad lib, unline other more crunchy systems.

And make sure you stop by the Calling All Cypher Game Players area and say hello.

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