Wounding system

We've been working on a wounding system for Aelsif for a while, but progress has been slow. My partner's had control of the project and for a while I've been uncertain if it was even going to happen, but today he got back to me with this giant list, so I guess it's going in. I just went through it today, and I have some concerns, and I'd like some opinions on them.

My partner went through and made changes, though they only addressed ONE of my concerns.

My concerns are pretty straightforward.

1. I'm concerned that a few of these may be massively more powerful than others that we didn't balance for, a few like slashing are actually balanced around wounds left by them being worse than other damage types but some others aren't.

2. More than that, I don't know (and neither does he) how to handle it when an attack deals multiple damage types, since I definitely don't want to inflict multiple wounds for one trigger but I also don't want to split it up so each has to be enough to trigger it individually.

3. I don't know whether wounds should be allowed to stack or upgrade other wounds of the same type.

What's below is just details of the version I received, I will be sending a revised version back Tuesday based on my own thoughts in that time and feedback I receive from this thread. You don't have to read any of it you don't want to, but it would help. What I have to say will be in italics.