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The Myth-Weavers GM Rescue Society

The Myth-Weavers GM Rescue Society

Ever taken over a game whose GM disappeared, leaving frustrated but enthusiastic players itching to carry on? Willing to do so for your fellow Weave members? Ever felt like it's unfair that GMs can recruit replacement players with ease, but it's hard to find the right GM to replace the deadbeat one in your favorite game? Join Mordae's GM Rescue Society, a resource for recovering abandoned and abused games here at Myth-Weavers.

I'll start the show by saying that I enjoy rescues, because frankly recruiting people is a dicey proposition where you're hoping that a group of random applicants will gel into a unified party. In a rescue, you already have the cohesion, and all you need to do is figure out how to progress the game while allowing the players to do what they do best--interact with each other and your creations!

I've rescued three games on Myth-Weavers to date, and I'll do it again if the moment is right.

New Journeys - My first rescue, October 2009. GM was sequentially creating new MW accounts, advertising and recruiting for a game, then disappearing at the end of the line with positively ludricrous excuses. Freeform action in the StarGate 'verse, it's been a rocky road thus far but the players are enjoying it!
Ravenloft: Grim Tide - Rescued December 2009. GM new to the Weave, disappeared after a few hundred posts. Absolutely brilliant players, it's been a complete joy to write with them.
Inauspicious Beginnings - Experienced GM, disappeared suddenly and without warning. Just picked up after a month of their foundering, looking forward to exciting Forgotten Realms action.

I remember when the New Journeys game came out, it hit around the same time as a Star Trek freeform one. I had to make a choice. Sadly it seems I chose poorly as that one died as well despite the attempts of myself and a couple others to keep it alive. Glad to see it and several others have escaped the icy grip of game death which is so frequent on PbP. Good job.

AD, I was in that Star Trek game with you as well. Dalara tried to revive the ST one, so I gave the SG one a go. Turns out my rescue attempt ended up more successful, though I would have enjoyed it if both had survived.

Yup! That one. Thats right you were in that too....You had a flight officer or something right? I really liked Dalara's character too. Sexy little Betazoid.

I dont see Dalara around much anymore. But I'm getting seriously off topic.

I have done this once before, sort of. I started as a co-GM for a game, with the intention that all I would do was run the combats, but the head GM evaporated very quickly, I was left with the option of either ditching it because I didn't really know what the head GM had planned, other than what bad guys to use, or pick it up and run it. I chose the latter, and it's been 4 years with a solid crew so far. We'll actually be finishing a story, probably in the next year or so. *gasp!* Very rewarding experience, and I would not at all mind doing it again.

Anyway, what is the purpose of this thread? Is this meant to be a place where replacement GMs can gather, a listing of suckers generous souls who are willing to be contacted by folks to do this? Or is it supposed to be a place for one to make petitions for such? Something else?

As the title includes the term "society" I would imagine the intent of the thread is where people can come as beg for someone to take over their game or various DM/STs that are willing to offer their generous services of providing game life support can come and make themselves available.

**That or Mordae was just looking for a little ego stroking

Props to you Mordae.

I've only rescued 1 game so far. Had I more time on my hands (IE- if I had all day!) I'd rescue many more. I'm running 3 right now and that's pretty much my limit. I'm hoping to run 1 game and have enough time to rescue one too.

Rescues are definitely fun and appreciated.

Originally Posted by Mordae
Ever taken over a game whose GM disappeared (...) ?
This In Nomine game has had some troubles; the original GM was becoming spotty and told us that he'd abandon it, whereas we took matters in our hands.
The game continued for some time in a everyone-is-a-GM style before we found a replacement GM.
After he vanished (due to personal reasons, as we later learned), I adopted the game and have been running it since November 09.

My goal... goals, perhaps... no, is too strong, let's say "interests":

(1) To promote awareness that taking over a game in-progress is a rewarding experience
(2) To give a little recognition to those who have done so (and there are many! Kudos to you who have posted here so far, and I know there are others).
(3) To promote the possibility of a game rescue to other GMs who might never have considered it.
(4) Perhaps, in time, to assemble a stable of savvy MW GMs who are willing to rescue games as they have need.

GMs vanishing or dropping games early is one of the top reasons why games die here. We can't stop that, but we may be able to stem the tide of "PbP sucks because all the GMs are losers"

(EDIT: And I'm not particularly interested in a pat on the back; I simply put my own experiences up top as a starting point for the discussion.)


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