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The Myth-Weavers GM Rescue Society

Yep, Game Planning, as per the wiki.

ah so. thank you mr @Colin

Hi all!

I'm one member of a very (dis)reputable Firefly RPG crew whose GM just up and vanished into the black

If there's anyone here who fancies picking our game up, you can find us over at

Could you please make me GM of the game The Raggedy Edge. Thank you.

Hello all! I realize this might be a little niche, I'm part of a FFRPG group, and we're in sore need of a DM. Ours disappeared after the second IC post, and hasn't logged in for over a month.

The game was set in the world of Ivalice (FF12, Tactics, etc) with some aesthetic throwbacks to the other games in the series. Game system was FFRPG 3.0 (the Returners system).

Any takers? We've had maybe three IC posts a piece.

Surf and Turf

Interesting game experiencing some distressing lack of GM.

Tides of Discord
Original Advertisement Thread Here
The Way of the Wicked using the unique setting of Cerulean Seas/Gotera setting. All races are underwater dwellers. Unique rules for buoyancy and depth compression as well as “beaching” to exphixiate non-air breathers.

I will admit it’s a long shot. The GM did an amazing amount of set up for someone with less than 100 posts, and then vanished in the second week after starting.

If someone with the ability to do so could “unprivate” the game forum, it would be helpful.


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