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Does anyone have suggestions as to how to handle combat maps in here? There are 2 main problems: the fact that to include an image in the main body of the text, afaik it has to be somewhere on the Internet, and maintaining the map in a format that allows the players to keep track of where their characters are.

Lately, I've gone to using an Excel file maintained on Google Sheets. I resized the row/columns to make them squares and then go from there, typically using blacked-out areas to simulate buildings or other hazards. It also allows, with proper permissions, for the players to move themselves during combat or remove that ability if you only want them to have viewing permission. It's not the prettiest way to do it, but it works.

I've heard it being done with Google Images or Photos, something like that (I'm away from my PC, it doesn't come up on the mobile Google homepage). I think I remember seeing someone on the site mention using it for that purpose before, lemme see if I can track it down.

Originally Posted by Valsai View Post
It wasnt the one I was thinking about, but it looks like the same idea:
Thanks! I'm new here and planning on putting up a game ad in February. This answers the question I came here to ask.

Everyone gets a free roll20 account. Or GM gets a roll20 account, and hosts screenshots of the maps to attach to posts. Or, play Theatre of the Mind.


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