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Notice of suspension of all activities

You can't die on me, baka! Or who else is going to run JPRG games here.

I wish I could say more than that I agree with what everyone else has said. And that if worse comes to worst, I won't forget you. Ever. I'm grateful to have met you. It makes me happy to know other people love their RPGs with a great big dose of anime. Never doubt that you have made my life better for being a part of it. I hope you remain a part of it, and I hope to be playing with you again in a month. See you soon.

We didn't play together for very long, but I can tell you put a lot of thought and enthusiasm into your games. And I hope to continue playing one of those games with you once you recover ;3 And that's my sincerest hope. No one should have to go through that and know there are clearly people here who will remember you. I've already seen, even before submitting an app to your game, there are people who recognize your games at a glance and enthusiastically peek at the app =3

Best wishes!

Thank you for the update! If you're able to, let us know! I sincerely hope your treatments go well; please, stay positive, hope, and keep fighting! Attitude matters a lot to things like this, throw everything you can at the problem and win! I pray the doctors find what is wrong and prescribe you the right medication, so you can be on your way to recovery. Stay strong!

Thanks for the update @Catherine Cook! Keeping my fingers crossed, and keeping you in my prayers, that the tests will give your doctors a definitive answer. No matter the outcome, there's a certain amount of comfort in simply knowing. And once you know your enemy, you can fight them properly.

Keep your chin up, keep your spirit positive, and know that we're all here, pulling for you!

Damn, that is rough. I don't think we ever got to game together (I've been in precious few games in my years here) but I've seen your name around some. I don't really have the words other than to say, I wish you the best. I hope to see you around.

I’ve never gamed with you or interacted with you on-site, but I wish you all the best and pray for a speedy recovery.


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