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Sources of maps/Combat Plans

Sources of maps/Combat Plans

I require the aid of the most resourceful of the Myth-Weavers Community! I require maps for an XCOM style based game that I am running, and if you have a map, collection of maps, or repository of maps for a Cyberpunk style campaign, or Shadowrun game, or similar contemporary maps, then please share them with me and the rest of the Site.

I'd be most delighted to see your contributions.

A cautionary reminder folks: Don’t share stuff that isn’t open license!

I dont have those maps to share, but, have had some luck finding maps on Pinterest, takes a bit of time scrolling, but, you may find what your looking for Good Luck

There were a bunch of maps created for the D20 Modern/D20 Future games. I have them but as @Colin mentioned they are not open source so not shareable here. A google search should find some if not all. And Pinterest is also a great source.

If you want something more customizable, I always use Excel. It takes a little practice but you can paste stuff in there easily and the customize cell feature is great for walls, door, texture, etc.

Happy hunting!

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