Minor Changes to Forums Home Page

The giant Discussions picture with the small text about how this page holds all the tabs is what is missing now.

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Please, No. I can not access drop downs from my phone using chrome. They activate but I am already moving to a new page. That would suck for games as I would only be able to go to the first one.
I'd really prefer it if they didn't go into a dropdown too. First, because I like the convenience of instantly seeing if a game has a new post or not. Second, because dropdown menus are the bane of my phone existence as they don't play nice with my browser either (UC Browser).

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All these changes are making me wish I'd taken screenshots from the early days, just for comparison.
This is myth-weavers first appearance in the Wayback Machine.

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This is myth-weavers first appearance in the Wayback Machine.
Yeah, that looks about right.

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This is myth-weavers first appearance in the Wayback Machine.
Oh my God. I did not know you could do this with the internet. This is awesome!!

Agreed on the "No needless dropdown boxes".
More needless cosmetic changes that makes life harder to use the interface whilst making no inherent actual changes.


Games should be renamed to My Games and should link to a list of end-user's games, sort of like Sheets (which should be renamed My Sheets). That way you can get rid of the links on the right and use that real estate for something else. Having it link to all the game ads is redundant as the Game Ads section takes you there.

Playing Devil's Advocate to paul, couldn't the same be done by clicking your username at the top right of any MW page?

The 'Games' landing section of a user's profile does indicate what active games a given profile is involved in, with inactive/archived games showing under the 'Game History' link. I understand what you're saying paul, and perhaps there could be a new landing page that has a spoiler box -like function to hide the 'Games & Ads' while still showing the games a player is involved in (left column = Games & Ads, right column = My Games).

Missed the previous one.

I missed the previous one as I am new here. Present homepage looks fantastic in my view. Thanks

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In an attempt to bring more of the forums listing above the fold (pushed down due to the addition of the Announcements forum...) I've removed the large home page title for members.

Additionally, to reduce resource usage, I've removed the SubWeave links from the home page. Rest assured, they'll be back and better in the future!


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