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What's that Movie!?

On Johnny Depp, Accountant and Western, I Googled it.
Never heard of it but I am surprised my roommate doesn't have it. Very much his sort of movie.

I have seen it, but I don't remember the title. It would be in my Netflix see again list. Never mind, it is no longer on Netflix.

Thought it looked familiar. Had to google it to be sure. I remember watching parts of this, but not the whole thing.

Huh, I was expecting this to be something old, so I just figured it was a coincidental resemblance. I'm terrible at recognizing most actors anyhow.
So, a 90's Depp movie that I never saw and it was a Western? I'm a bit shocked really.

I can't help jumping in as it's the first time I've actually seen the film.
Dead Man. Directed by Jim Jarmusch. I loved it.

That's the one!

It has become one of my favorite films. Your turn


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