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So we're choosing champions for the winter championship (but mainly for free packs) again.
I picked randomly this time and picked frozen.
Any one have a good pick?

I forget the name of my pick. He has a beard. Get em beard man, get em.

Frozen was a great pick. I'll pick him next time most likely if he's an option. I went with DocPwn and watched near all his games and was pleased. 3 wins, including vs Pavel and at game 7 two times, enjoyable stuff. I like how they do this. I probably wouldn't watch otherwise but enjoy watching.

UtanUdachi (sp) I only watched in the last match. He had two 4-0 Matches which is crazy to do. He had some full on aggro. I think a lot of players planned to ban Pirate Warrior and not have a TON of anti aggro, etc.

It's sort of the opposite of watching most other pro stuff. Like baseball, golf (I watch very little, my late dad used to) in that in sports and some other stuff pros 'make it look easy'. Which is the case with this. But also - it shows that they play similar deck lists. Often you can predict their play before they make it as the best available. Yes, they have wrinkles to decks and the whole decision of what decks to build, what to Ban, etc is a LOT of process. As is studying your current opponent's deck list and remembering live. But it's also - well you see how sometimes it just comes down to matchups, early and mid game draws, etc. I enjoy it. No delusions that I would want to put in that amount of time and effort. For every one of those 16, there are tons and tons who put in lots of time and never make it to such a tournament.

Anyways - thanks for the packs DocPwn, good showing for us 30 somethings with some facial hair.

also - this is a great Tavern Brawl for the Everybody Get in Here - Win 5 Brawls. Pirate Warrior gets to 30 dmg / decorations pretty durn quickly.

*Frozen loses*
Booo, Hisss.
I call hax.
Russian hackers strike again!

Hah, in all seriousness though, that was rather interesting. Was a lot funner than the last time when my pick lost out in the first round.
My pick didn't win but it was a fun ride. (And I got a few sweet packs out of it to.)

Ya - Finals went to Game 7, anything can happen in one Game. Good stuff.


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