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Age of Heroes the Original in Search Of

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Age of Heroes the Original in Search Of

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Mutants and Masterminds

This is -- Age of Heroes -- the original one (in case you saw the other add)

I am in search of one quality player willing to step in and fill a pair of shoes already designed and ready for play.

The character is a female Federal Agent of a sorts turned super hero having just recently gotten powers in a world where super types did not exists until well now -- she is a "Teleporter" think Portal but only she and what she carries can go through the portals and she can stick them in space and she does it without a Portal gun. Further she can reach through smaller portals to grab preattuned equipment from preset locations think a sort of super utility belt of normal and/or slightly superior to normal equipment -- so no super devices but a L.A.W. is fine for instance.

The game is MnM PL10 a bit darker PG18 theme but only as needed sticking more closer to a PG13 theme. The game had some slight restrictions but since the character is already designed and has been played these restrictions should be of no consequence as they will not affect you but just in case its a big deal there were some restrictions on character building (ask if it concerns you) -- but as I said the character is built and ready for play.

There are several other active and friendly players in the game posting rate is about 2-3 times a week and there is story content to occupy you as well.

Some kind of writing sample showing me you can role role play a fairly serious female character is all I really need that and a willingness to be friendly and active in the game.

Game Description:

A small group of friends are on vacation together (with their families: Optional) near the Dinosaur National Monument in Colorado. On their way home to the East coast they encounter something that will change their lives and the world forever. Suddenly they are endowed with super powers previously relegated to the fictional realms of comic books. What they find also has global and political implications beyond the matter of granting the PC’s and a few others their powers...and no, it is not a cosmic cube, control rod, an alien craft or artifact.

At the beginning of the game only a few others besides these five have powers in this world, set in current-day America. They will face government agencies (foreign and domestic) trying to control them, super villains trying to control the world, a public afraid they are too powerful to be free in society, and possibly even the adoration of public supporters…all while discovering how to use their powers without hurting innocent civilians.

We will role-play the discovery of the character’s powers that will start at PL10 with 150 points to use for character creation. In addition to those 150 PPs, all characters begin with the following 15 more points of advantages and powers that everyone affected by the event possesses and all have in common. More points can be spent above these to improve them further. These 15 points are allocated as follows:

Advantage: Attractive 2

Powers: Immunity 3: Age, Disease, Poison. Senses 5: Darkvision, Extended Vision 1 (x10 range), Microscopic Vision 1 (Dust Size), and Extended Hearing 1 (x10 range), Quickness 2, Speed 3.

In addition, the event will change the characters even further in terms of morality. It will create heroes as well as villains. But we will see how things turn out in the end.

There will probably be approximately a 60-40 mix of role-play to combat and much of this depends on the players.

I am looking for adult/mature players who are willing to play their characters as if they are real in the world and not simply in a comic book universe. Just like in the real world, bad things sometimes happen to good people, and to innocent people.

For those without powers in the world this will be a far more deadly game than the standard MM3e rules allow. A broken limb could take 6 or more weeks to heal for a normal person. A bullet to the chest will kill a normal person or might take a few months to recover from. But the heroes (PCs) and the NPCs and villains with powers will use the standard MM3e rules for recovery, which will represent a standard power (no power points used of course) for all those directly affected by what the characters discover on day 1.

Some of the scenes in the game may be disturbing and upsetting because I will not be holding back on descriptions of battle carnage and the evil nature of the super villains…as well as those normal criminals that the heroes may face. I will have villains that people will love to hate as well as NPCs whose nature will not be readily apparent. This is not a four-color world.

We will begin the adventure in today’s world (in as much as this is a super hero game) and on Friday August 5, 2011. Here there are no hand-held blasters, no teleportation devices, no anti-gravity vehicles…until and unless they are created within the game as we go along. At first, when we start the game, if there is a device that exists in RL then it likely exists in the game.

Power Limitations: No magic-based characters. No mind control or time travel powers. No dimensional travel powers and no gadget based powers. No undead characters. Remember that your character will gain his/her power on day 1 of the game.

Complications: All characters must have the Motivation complication of either the Doing Good or Responsibility. You will not need to describe this compulsive complication at the beginning of the game but it will become a part of your character’s persona as we go along. Your characters will be heroes and will act accordingly when the situations present themselves.

Please allow other player’s their archetype niches. I will choose the best of each archetype, but I prefer players who can think outside the box and show us something unique and interesting. No fantasy based, alien, or extra-dimensional characters since these do not fit the game’s premise.

Character creation considerations: Be careful of what powers you choose and consider how your character’s life will change with those powers. This is not the Marvel or DC universe.

Detailed and convincing character backgrounds are necessary for consideration as approved characters. Such backgrounds cannot include how your character became a superhero since this will occur in-game. I prefer characters with social ties to the world; characters with families and friends. I do not like lone wolf types as they may distract from the nature of the game. I will permit only one such character if any at all.

I will likely draw from character’s backgrounds to add a certain visceral realism you might not find in other games. Your character’s niece or nephew, grandfather, or even his recent ex-girlfriend might become an NPC. This game is not for the faint of heart and weak of mind.

For clarification, the game system is the Mutants and Masterminds 3rd edition
Hero Lab in .por format preferred (but not necessary).
Maximum number of players: 5
Application Deadline: When all five slots are filled.

Commitment: 2-3 posts per week preferred, more if possible

Feel free to contact me with any questions but I prefer to have all questions on the board for everyone's benefit.

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If the character's already made, as you say, I'd be more than happy to fill the spot. Although I've not played the system before, this seems a good chance to pick up on the rules. So if you're happy to put up with a few obvious questions at first, I'm game.

Okay please re-read the request and pay close attention to the last line -- which I have increased in size and made blue

Yes please post a writing sample as if you were the character as outlined if you need more information I can probably post some more. Otherwise please demonstrate your ability to portray the female character as outlined. There will be some previous posts to read to help get further into character once accepted so be sure you are comfortable with the concept of staying close (does not have to be precise) to what has been posted for the character. For the most part there is not a ton of stuff for that character but there is some which will help to portray some of her personality.

Perhaps her in a fairly stressful situation might be cool... one where she actually feels the stress of the situation and is having hard time handling it. Such as suddenly getting a bunch of powers that means her life as she knew it has just been turned up side down. A character's thoughts are as important as their action and dialogue in this game as you will find once you get in.

Ok here goes for my writing sample.

Great thanks and kudos go to you for posting the information first -- and if I have nothing by the end of the day from Antihero you can expect an invite.

As I stated the minimum posting rate is about 2 to 3 times a week (which is approximately once every other day) and that's a slow down from when it first began as not all the players could keep up with the higher rate of posting. So consistent rate can be as important as good posting since with this group a slow poster could stall the game. Not trying to scare you off just making sure you are aware of the expectations.


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