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Arrival in Chult

Arrival in Chult

You appear in a tropical city under the blazing sun. The familiar sounds of a harbor--creaking ropes, slapping waves, heavy barrels rolling across cobblestones--mingle with voices shouting and cursing in an unfamiliar language filled with clicks, inhalations, and singsongy words that make it sound almost musical. The aroma of unfamiliar spices and tropical fruit mixes with the wharf side smells of fish, tar, and canvas.

Beyond all that, Port Nyanzaru is an explosion of color. Buildings are painted in bright shades of blue, green, orange, and salmon pink, or their walls are adorned with murals portraying giant reptiles and mythical heroes. Every building sports baskets and clay urns of colorful flowers or is draped in leafy, flowering vines. Minstrels in bright clothing adorned with feathers and shells perform on street corners. Multicolored pennants and sun awnings flutter atop the city walls. A crowd of children dressed in feathered hats and capes races past you, squealing in delighted terror as a street performer costumed as a big-toothed lizard stomps and roars behind them. The whole city seems to be bustling, sweating, laughing, swearing, and singing.

Now, my dears, I recommend securing lodgings at either the Thundering Lizard, if you want a raucous time, or Kaya's House of Repose if what you really want is a quiet night's sleep. They can both be found on the other side of the harbor from here near the Red Bazaar. Anyone can give you directions. Tell the keeps at both places I sent you. That should get you a good room, at least, if not a good price. As for me, I am headed to the villa of merchant prince Wakanga, a dear friend of mine to rest after such a difficult transportation.

Thero Tibereas IV
CG, Male, High Elf, Wizard L1

"Thank you, Fair Lady for the starting gold", Thero says to Sandra.

"As for me, comrades, I will be making my way to a bowmaker first to buy a longbow and some arrows. Although my magic is good at range, I am actually much better with a longbow. After that I will go to Kaya's House of repose."

Thero asks a passer by for directions.

Kaladin Stormblessed
Male Human Fighter, Neutral Good

Kaladin opens his eyes and gazes at the spectrum of colored buildings overlooking Port Nyanzaru. He felt a little overwhelmed. He was inside Sandra's house, reviewing Chult on a map. Now, he was standing on the very island.

As the heat rests itself onto Kaladin's skin, he feels beads of sweat forming on his forehead. A sole sweat droplet begins to stream down the middle of his back.

He's used to the warm weather -- he had the slave colony to thank for that -- but not this kind of heat. The sun seemed brighter by the second. Kaladin uses his hands to shade his eyes and turns to Sandra.

"Hell of a ride, lady. Though, I can't complain much. It beats spending weeks on the road and God knows how long on a boat to get here."

He takes one of the gold bags from the servants and bounces it in his hands. He smiles as he hears the jingling of the coins and thinks back to the last time he held this much money. All he's known the past few years was fighting and hard labor.

He stores the bag in his backpack and looks at the group.

"Thero, I'd like to join you. I'm not ready to search for lodging just yet and would like to stretch my legs. I, too, think we should go to Kaya's House of Repose. It seems like a place where we can keep our business discrete without the prying ears of a full lodge."

Raille Silverstring
N-G, Female Wood Elf Rogue
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Chult was a sight, Raille may have been offput by all the color - neither the vibrant but natural woods of her homelands or the dreary alleys and streets she had come to call home were like this, and it bothered her on an instinctual level.

She turned to the others, slipping the gold out of its pouch and depositing it among several small pockets throughout her clothing - not keeping too much in any one location.

"I think I'll try to drum up some information on my way to a map maker, I'd like to get one while we have those points of interest fresh in our minds, and I'll see about that 'good guide' while I'm there."

She nods curtly to the group and says the name 'Wakanga' three times under her breath as a mnemonic, then she disappears into the crowd.

Aust Nailo
Chaotic Neutral, Make High Elf Rogue
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Absolutely nothing to go on. An artifact somewhere in this country, the best portion of which is unexplored or mapped. Aust needs to think.

I agree we need a discrete place, but we also need information. If anyone would care to join me I think I'll get a room at the Lizard and try to find some loose tongues, and maybe some local ale.

Biorni Gydison
NG Human Druid
You have chosen character number 1433989 out of a possible 317

A new country, in an area of the world that Biorni was wholly unfamiliar with, and the group had just up and decided to split apart. And with no mention of how to meet up later, or where, or even when. This troupe was beginning to seem leaderless and aimless. And Biorni was no leader; he was more for following wherever the largest party was. And at the mention of the Thundering Lizard...

"Aust, you took the words right out of my mouth. Ale has a tendency to loosen the lips of locals, and the Lizard sounds wonderfully suited to do this at. I shall definitely join you, if you'll have me!"

Kaladin Stormblessed
Male Human Fighter, Neutral Good

After Kaladin walks over to Thero, he notices Raille, Aust and Biorni headed in different directions. He raises his two fingers to his lips and shoots an ear-splitting whistle at the three, hoping to catch their attention.

He cups his hands over his mouth and shouts over the crowded street.

"Wouldn't it be wise we stick together right now? We don't know this place, and what will happen if one of us gets ..."

He pauses for a moment, searching for the right words that won't draw more attention than he already brought to himself shouting into the crowd.

"... lost permanently? Perhaps we should discuss a plan!"

"The Rogues will find us" Thero days quietly to Kaladin.

"Aust, just meet us for breakfast at Kaya's House of Repose", he remarks to Aust.

"Let the rogues gather info in their manner. We will see what we can find our ourselves. Do not worry, young fighter." The 100 year olf elf remarks to Kaladin. "Dont worry about finding Rogues. Rogues will find you",

Caragan Deepseeker HP 12 AC 13 PP 13 Init +4

Lets go to the Lizard. If it has been around a long time maybe they heard of me pappy.

Agreeing on a course of action, you all head off in your groups or alone, as the case may be. The day is bright and hot, sweat forms almost immediately as you begin walking. Colorfully garbed people are everywhere, but no-one started at you in this part of town. The Harbor is a place where strangers come, after all, so you are left to your won devices.


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