Introductions & Pleasantries

Who Am I?
This was stated in the original ad so shame for you for not reading the ad! But additional information, my name is Nick. I live in Pennsylvania myself which is what drove me to base the game out here. I have dabbled in many types of game but my usual fanfare is fantasy, horror, and every which way in between. I hope you enjoy the crazy ride that you are about to embark can't wait to find the trio who I believe will be in for a treat.
While I have a question and answers thread which all questions will be added to for easy referral. For all out of characters discussions, and for quick tagging, I do implore you to join the Jahara Farala Gaming Company. It is a dedicated discord for a good 7+ GMs currently here on the Weave, where we host all our out of character chat and what-not for our current games. The #Mist-Falls chat will remain open for anyone to talk and discuss character creation. I promote open discussions of character concepts and also general shooting the shit, you may also find that there are other games recruiting you might want to jump in on. Players who are chosen will be given proper roles and the room will be locked to just that party. Those who aren't chosen are more than happy to still be about the server.
Game Tones & Themes
So this is mainly to cover the ground that I wasn't able to due to the limitations I had with the game advertisement. This game is officially a psychological horror which generally means your going to be dosed with extra heavy hand serving of mystery and moderates amount of thrills. A warning to others there will be dark moments, and the game is designed to feel hopeless. The system I chose was deliberate for keeping you on track of the mystery, giving you the freedom to explore that, but also to keep the pressure on you at all times. Content-wise the game is dark, and I am only limited by the rules of the site. I would not recommend you play this unless you enjoy playing the deconstruction of your character and confronting various real-life issues. I did list a few games and movies to check out to get yourself in the mood of the game. Silent Hill 2 is the big influencer of this game and was my main inspiration. I mentioned before that player agency is something that is impaired due to the nature of the game. I was not lying, this game is not a sandbox of fun, it's a well-crafted rollercoaster into your psyche. There will be points where you will feel railroaded, but I try to keep an open game for the most part. In alot of games I feel there is often players who want to 'beat' the system and find loopholes. This game is not for you, I as the GM am not your enemy and while you are always in control of your character's actions. Your backgrounds and memories are a tool I will use to make your character's mystery all the more personal.