Sharyl Russel, potential Companion

<Sharyl Russel>
<Black Archive archivist* who had a little "accident".>

Bio Data
One day, while examining an alien artifact, it unexpectedly activated, sending Sheryl back to Victorian London.

Personality Matrix

Awareness - (5)
Coordination - (3)
Ingenuity - (5)
Presence - (3)
Resolve - (4)
Strength - (2)

Athletics - ()
Convince - ()
Craft - (3)[Area of Expertise: Gadgets]
Fighting - ()
Knowledge - (4) [Areas of Expertise: Alien Tech.]
Marksman - (2)

Medicine - ()
Science - (4)
Subterfuge - (2)
Survival - ()
Technology - (4)
Transport - (3)

Good Trait
<Boffin> – The Archivist can create Gadgets.
<Experienced x2>
<Friends> – UNIT
<Sense of Direction>
<Technically Adept> - +2 to any Technology roll to fix a broken or faulty device.
<Time Traveller (x2)> - The Archivist is familiar with Tech Levels 6 and 7.

Bad Trait
<Insatiable Curiosity>
<Obligation (Major)> – UNIT
<Phobia> – Heights

Android Smart Phone (currently without wi-fi reception)


Tech Level: 5
Story Points: 6

*From the Black Archive sourcebook:
Archivists are UNIT engineers who are specifically tasked with analysing alien gadgets, performing experiments on them, classifying them, and, if possible, make them field-ready for UNIT use. The Archivist has a very dangerous job and does not suffer fools gladly; even the most cautious and capable Archivist can accidentally get themselves killed through no fault of their own. Several archivists make morbid light of this by referring to themselves by their UNIT badge numbers, as “there is no reason to learn my name; I won’t be alive long enough for it to matter.”

In spite of the dangers Archivists have studied dozens of alien gadgets and have been able to put many of them into field use. Almost every Black Archive mission contains at least one Archivist and generally they are the only ones allowed to touch newly-discovered alien gadgets.