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DM Seeks Players To Avert Elemental Apocalypse

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DM Seeks Players To Avert Elemental Apocalypse

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Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Hails and well met, folks!

My name is DM Ashe (though there are those who call me... Tim). I've been playing and DMing Dungeons and Dragons for over two decades and have been on and off of Myth-Weavers for a few years. I am pleased to open the door to applications for characters as I run the Princes of the Apocalypse module. I tend towards improvisation and modification of all my games to match the players and the circumstances, and I wouldn't expect anything to run TOO closely to the book, for any who might have previously had experience with it.

As a few session 0 notes, I'll be starting this campaign with 1st level characters and fully expect to run it in a sandbox fashion. You can take the story in a lot of different directions and explore a lot of different leads. Some will be out of your depth at the time you look at them, all will continue regardless of your decision to interact with them and will not sit around waiting for you.

If you're looking for a game on railroad tracks, this adventure is not for you. If you're interested in a game that responds to your actions and grows around you, then it might be time to apply.

While we will be aiming for a daily posting rate on weekdays, I have a life, as do you. Communication is the key and we'll work through any delays that have to happen. That said, repeated unannounced absence will have to result in replacement for the good of the game.

I have included the application requirements here, but you can also find them in the application thread of the forum.

Thank you for your interest, I look forward to seeing your applications!

---Application Info---

Applications should contain a character that fulfills the following requirements:
1st Level
Standard Array or Point Buy
Created using any Official Published Books (no Homebrew I didn't brew, no UA)
A Myth-weavers character sheet complete with equipment.
A choice of 1 of the Character Hooks below.
A choice of 1 of the Factions below.
A Written Background

Upon receipt of such an application, you can then post in the In-Game Application Thread and interact with other applicants. Roleplay in that thread will largely help to determine character selection. Characters that do not participate in that thread will not generally be selected.

The application period ends Monday, July 23rd.

Game Description:

The first signs are always small: bandits on the roads, pirates on the Dessarin River, monster sightings throughout the Sumber Hills - All too close to the lands of civilized folk.

To top things off, a delegation from the dwarven city of Mirabar has gone missing. Are these events all some bizarre coincidence, or is there a deeper reason behind them?

Working through its prophets, the Elder Elemental Eye has emerged to spread chaos across the Forgotten Realms. How will the adventurers prevent absolute devastation?

I'm already running into a PoA game, or I'd be pleased to apply. good luck to you.

I love the concept and I'm definitely going to apply: today is a busy day, but I'll see if I can find the time to post an app before going outside

Originally Posted by Greenstalker View Post
Does characters need tobe AL approved or can we use more than phb+1 as source?
Any approved material is fine to aim for. If I have objections or concerns, we can talk it through. I'm looking for story over powergaming, but I'm not restricting people to phb or phb+1.

Originally Posted by DM Ashe View Post
Created using any Official Published Books (no Homebrew I didn't brew, no UA)
Hi, May I ask what is it that you brewed?

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