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Aoimi Aozaki - Captain Carbon

Aoimi Aozaki - Captain Carbon

Aoimi Aozaki

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2
Weight: "I don't see why this is important"
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Aoimi Aozaki: Making friends, school, finding fashionable outfits, hiding my secret identity!
Captain Carbon: Justice, Strengthening Carbon-based material, Weakening Carbon-based material, Clothes Destruction, Beating down evil-doers!
Aoimi: Helping others, working hard, shopping, sleep, her friends
Captain Carbon: Cute girls, Justice, Excitement, Cool things, Fighting Evil-doers!
Aoimi: The same old boring life, constantly having to appear perfect and flawless, not living up to expectations, disappointing people that rely on her, snakes, the various "social visits" family expects her to have with prestigious people
Captain Carbon: Clothes (on cute girls), Injustice, Villains, Failing to stop criminals, snakes

City Profile
Aoimi Aozaki is a a level 4 Esper designated "Carbon Changer" by the city. The woman is capable of altering the strength of carbon bonds in an object allowing her to make carbon-based objects weaker or stronger. While the power can certainly be useful, especially once mastered to allow one to form specific variants (diamond, quartz, etc) it is largely ineffective in combat and impossible to reach level five. However, the power is versatile and does present some unique options to experiment on.


Aoimi works hard at being perfect in school and meeting all expectations of 'Perfect Student'. However, her deepest secret is that at night she ventures out into the city as a "Hero" in order to blow off stress and try living a life differently than she has before. She feels a strong desire to help anyone in need and will put saving others over herself.

Example invoke: "I studied hard for this test.", "Have no fear, Captain Carbon is here!"
Example compel: "I really need to go study..." "I have to save them!"
Perfect Student, Secret Hero

Aoimi's stress and mental fortitude suffers from a strong desire to keep everybody pleased. Her parents want perfection and the best. Her classmates rely on her when they need help. She's class rep to make sure everyone is in the best position. Even as a hero she puts pressure on herself to save anyone who needs it.

Example invoke: "I won't fall here...that kid needs me!"
Example compel: "My friends are expecting me to go shopping."
Please Don't Be Disappointed


Aoimi is a popular model student of Private Tsutsuji Academy known around the school as the model lady. She's prim and proper, she's modest and well-behaved, and she's reliable as well! She was selected as class representative for her class and knows all sorts of "lady-like" arts such as song, dance, painting, etc.

Example invoke: "Of course I can sing." "I know all the most fashionable outfits!" "The rules of etiquette are ingrained in a young lady like myself."
Example compel: "I can't do that right now...People will see!" "Sorry, class rep work made me late!"
Flower of Tsutsuji Academy

As a member of a big family who missed out on a slice of the Academy City pie, the Aozaki's have a lot of expectations of Aoimi. While her name might not be as big in the city as it is outside, the family has still done its best to pull strings and try and encourage various prestigious families in Academy City to interact with Aoimi. Aoimi fairly often is expected to meet prestigious heirs or rely messages from her family to high ups. Suspiciously these "social visits" she is expected to have tend to involve young male heirs around her age fairly often...

Example invoke: "I happen to know Mr. Harwey, maybe he could help."
Example compel: "I can't, I have a meeting with Mr. Ainsworth"
Aozaki Heir

As a level 4, Aoimi possess a good amount of power and can push her powers to limits above the average Esper. While not a level five, Aoimi still has a very useful power due to how common carbon is in objects. However, this reliance on Carbon makes her very restricted against more elemental based powers. However, Aoimi dislikes the name Carbon Changer and prefers to go by her "hero name" the eccentric "Captain Carbon: Lover of beautiful ladies!" In this persona she is far less inhibited and more likely to act with less restraint.

Example invoke: "Its made of carbon, I can break it!" "Captain Carbon is an expert at charming beautiful ladies!"
Example compel: "Sorry, I was distracted by the cute girl!"
Level 4: Carbon Changer Captain Carbon!
(+4) ESP Power
(+3) Physique
(+2) ESP Control, Fight, Rapport, Resources, Deceive
(+1) Sciences, Technology, Will, Burglary, Notice

With your Esper power to harden carbon material, so long as you're wearing carbon on your hands (gloves, cloth wrapped around, etc) you count as having Weapon: 1
Carbon Fist
With your Esper power to harden carbon material, so long as you're wearing clothing made of carbon, you count as having Armor: 1
Diamond Defense
With your Esper power to harden carbon material, so long as you're wearing clothing made of carbon, you count as having Armor: 2.
Improved Diamond Defense
If you are in disguise at the start of a scene, you gain the aspect Definitely Not Aoimi Aozaki with one free invocation. If you are not in disguise at the start of a scene, you gain the aspect Definitely Not Captain Carbon with one free invocation. These aspects go away at the end of each scene.
Double Life
If you are taken out in a physical conflict, you may spend a fate point to concede instead. After you have collected fate points for conceding, you must spend a further amount of half of your fate points, rounded down. Coincidence conspires to keep you alive, and you pass from the view of the other combatants (such as by dropping off a cliff, apparently failing to escape from an exploding building, or the like). You may re-enter play in any subsequent scene in as dramatic a fashion as you see fit, explaining to everyone how you survived. You return with all of your physical stress cleared and a single additional consequence incurred to reflect the dangers you defied.
Heroes Never Die!
If you’re in an area where you’re popular and well-liked, you can use Rapport in place of Contacts. You may be able to establish your popularity by spending a fate point to declare a story detail, or because of prior justification.
You gain a +2 bonus to Creating an Advantage when using ESP Power to deprive someone of their possessions.
Dress Break

Physical: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Mental: [ ] [ ] [ ]
Fate Points: 1
Refresh: 1

Mild: [ ]
Moderate: [ ]
Severe: [ ]


Aoimi Aozaki is a beautiful, small, young high school girl. Her most notable physical feature would be her long red-hair that extends to around her back. Other than that her figure is what you would expect from a rich, healthy, physically fit girl who eats right. In her normal day-to-day attire, she is commonly seen in her school uniform due to the rules in the School Garden at her prestigious academy. Her uniform is a simple skirt, stockings, blouse, and red-ribbon. Were you to somehow see her either out of her school uniform, but not in her Captain Carbon uniform, you would find her in expensive fashionable clothing. After all, someone of her prestige should dress the part and her parents would never allow her to wear something cheap that could disgrace the family.

In her Captain Carbon persona, Aoimi is quite noticeable and attracts all manner of attention. In an attempt to appear as heroic as possible, Captain Carbon wears a very distinguishable and weird full body coat, a hat, and sometimes even a scarf to function as a "ninja mask" to be "super cool!". In addition she wears full baggy pants, gloves, and boots covering as much of her body as possible to make her able to armor up as much as possible. While her carbon fist might let her hit above her weight-class, she is still rather small and needs all the protection she can get to be a hero.

As the model student, Aoimi carries herself with an air of refinement that one would expect from a woman brought up in a high-class family. She can walk with a purpose, but without appearing rude or aggressive. In fact when approached, the woman is very calm and polite to the point where a westerner might view it as 'timid'.

As Captain Carbon, Aoimi carries herself with pure confidence and charisma as the masked identity allows her to aim for PROUD and BOLD! She is assertive in motion and does her best to carry herself in as powerful a manner as she can to make up for her size.


Aoimi Aozaki is a rather interesting person when it comes to personality as it's hard to describe her by itself and instead requires one to focus on her two 'personas': Captain Carbon, Super Hero, and Aoimi Aozaki, Perfect Student. Aoimi Aozaki has always grown up in privilege and wealth, however while it presented many positives, it also meant she was born with expectations already upon her. As a child, her parents insisted on hard work and perfection which molded the girl into the woman she is today. Aoimi is smart, determined, dedicated, and focused on achieving goals. However, it also means she has a constant desire to meet expectations placed upon her and to appear just as perfect as she is expected to be. This constant requirement for perfection and hard work meant that she was always studying, working hard, keeping poised, and doing her best to be liked.

Throughout schooling her parents always insisted on "free time" being used for studying, socializing with more prestigious members of Academy City, and improving with the closest thing to "hobbies" being those that someone of her stature should study like song, dance, painting, or other more artistic talents. However, she approaches all of these from a very mathematical perspective causing her to follow recipes perfectly or play any music she has studied. If asked to write her own piece or mix up a recipe she would be lost.

To those that know her (and that's most students in the Garden), Aoimi appears to be the perfect example of a proper lady. Refined, modest, prim, proper, smart, and an experienced Esper at that! She comes across as a girl who has it all. She's rich both in her home life and due to her Esper level. She has plenty of friends. And if not for the fact that the Garden keeps boys out, she would probably be swamped in declarations of love.

This constant drive for perfection and improvement has caused her to do very well in school and her manners and grace caused her to appear as the model woman and perfect student. Any flaws were meant to be suppressed, hidden, and corrected. During both her years in high school, her hard work, friendliness, poise, grace, and drive caused her to be selected as the class rep. A position she accepted as she promised to do her best and help her class with anything they needed.

This is because Aoimi is terrible at declining when asked for assistance. If somebody is in need and is relying on her, Aoimi feels compelled to help them constantly putting others before her self to an unhealthy level. She needs to meet their expectations as a perfect and helpful young woman and she fears that turning down a request would disappoint the person. However, there is a limit to what a person can do and Aoimi constantly pushes herself past these limits. She would constantly be stressed and end up short on sleep as she tried to do everything herself while also studying, practicing, and more.

This constant drive for perfection, following the rules, being a good girl, and doing everything expected of her eventually became too much and caused a private mental breakdown her first year in high school as the massive build-up finally was too much and it all caught up to her. Of course, she hide this breakdown and kept up her act in public because she was raised to not show weakness. This breakdown caused the young woman to decide to just try and break a few tiny rules and lead to her sneaking out of the dorms and Garden after curfew for some 'fun on the town'. These trips became moments for her to stretch her wings and feel like she was doing something for herself and eventually lead to the creation of the second aspect of Aoimi.

Captain Carbon. Captain Carbon is Aoimi's "release" from her repressed and stressed out life style. With so many different emotions and feelings yanking her around, Aoimi created Captain Carbon as a way to try and compartmentalize her life and give herself more enjoyment while keeping "Aoimi" as the good girl that everyone expected her to be. She kept this side secret even from her friends out of fear of what they might think of her. After all, running around at night and punching criminals and playing superheroes was "childish", "immature", "brutish", and not fitting of a good girl. What would her friends think if their images of her were shattered like that?

As such, Captain Carbon became a release and an escape as she used that persona to do all the things that she felt "Aoimi" could never do all while chasing the adrenaline rush of stopping criminals. If there is one thing that Captain Carbon and Aoimi both share, it is that desire to help others and get that acceptance she craves. Other than that, Captain Carbon functions almost as an opposite of Aoimi. While Aoimi is calm and poised, Captain Carbon is hyper and wild, chasing evil do-ers and fighting baddies! While Aoimi is quiet and reserved, Captain Carbon is loud and has a thirst for justice! While Aoimi tries to follow the rules and refrain from making a scene, Captain Carbon is willing to be a vigilante and break the rules if it helps someone! While Aoimi is modest and pure and would never admit her feelings towards her classmate, Arisu, Captain Carbon is more than willing to hit on any beautiful girl she can find. Captain Carbon does everything to be cool, charming, and heroic! The hero is the manifestation of everything Aoimi thinks the "Coolest" Super Hero would be! Why the crazy outfit and mysterious identity? BECAUSE ITS COOLER THAT WAY!

In short, Aoimi is a repressed, prim and proper girl, trying to meet the expectations of perfections that her parents and rank in school have pushed on her. The stressed caused her to create a persona of freedom and release that can allow her to have more excitement in life. Unfortunately at the moment, she is rebelling a bit too hard and seems to suffer from chronic hero syndrome and needs to find a better balance between her two personas.


Aoimi Aozaki is the heiress and only child of the prestigious Aozaki family known throughout most of Japan for having handlings in so many business and media that it is hard to track their total wealth due to all the puppet corporations under them. However, when Academy City was first starting, the Aozaki's made the foolish mistake of ignoring it and not viewing it as worth any manner of investment.

This mistake would cause them much regret as they found this futuristic city ended up becoming the largest missed investment possibility and for eight years there was no sign of them being able to ever get much benefit of the city. However, when Aozaki was born, that changed. Academy City had started a program that invited students to come three years before her birth. By the time she was ten, the Aozaki family had decided to send the girl to Academy City to partake in this school and hopefully move up and bring the Aozaki family power and influence.

As such at ten years old Aozaki was admitted into Academy City and joined the Power Curriculum Program after enrolling in a prestigious all-girls elementary school as her parents wanted to ensure the girl's focus was solely on growing in power for the family and being 'the perfect student'. For two years, Aoimi Aozaki worked hard and her power grew. By the time she finished Elementary School, Aoimi was a level 3. Her parents then insisted on her attending Tokiwadai due to its prestige. Aoimi was constantly stressed to keep working hard, study hard, be a great student, and be good enough. Although it was stressful and she had to work nearly non-stop, Aoimi made it and for three years attended Tokiwadai during which time she reached level four, though at that point she found herself hitting a dead end and struggling to find anyway to reach level five no matter how hard she worked. Were she being honest with herself, Aoimi could probably easily guess she can never reach level 5. However, she can't accept such a reality and she knows her parents couldn't either so she struggles to reach level 5 despite all evidence saying she never will.

With her graduation from Tokiwadai Middle School and Level-4 status, things looked good for Aoimi, she was rich both from her family and her Esper work, she was smart, a hard worker, and of a powerful position. Yet despite this she still wasn't a level 5 and in her parents' eyes that meant she needed to keep working harder. As she attended High School, Aoimi was growing more and more stressed and overworked. No matter what she tried she was still limited by touch. She was still only able to strengthen or weaken, not fully manipulate. Were it not for her sheer power at strengthening and weakening, she probably wouldn't have even made it to four.

As her growth in direct power slowed, her family instead started focusing on encouraging her to grow in 'other ways'. Her parents had little direct power in Academy City, but their handling of businesses on the outside meant they knew how to arrange deals and manage politics. As such, they would repeatedly schedule various meetings between her and assorted members of powerful members of Academy City. Sometimes that meant delivering a message to an important scientist, other times it meant delivering a payment to an important contractor, but usually it meant a 'social business dinner' with the 'heir to an important family'. Suspiciously they always seemed to be young male heirs close to her age... All these meetings and talks and 'feeling out' of potential 'partnerships' only served to fill even MORE of Aoimi's time and energy. Stress was building as the young girl had to balance improving her powers, keeping good grades, and still manage these meetings whenever her parents called her up to let her know of an "opportunity" they "set up" for her that she would need to attend.

However, in order to remain "perfect" and "a proper student", Aoimi had to keep this stress bottled inside and keep up her smile and friendly attitude. In High School she was popular, friendly, and even got selected as Class Rep, a job which she knew she had to do her best in to meet the expectations of her classmates. Another job. More expectations. More work. More people that relied on her. More people that demanded of her.

Aoimi was slowly breaking all while making sure to spend time with her friends, go shopping, play happy, play easy, play peaceful, play perfect, don't break, don't let them see, don't ruin their image of you. More and more, harder and harder. She had to work hard for her parents to reach level 5, work hard to impress whatever fancy person her parents made her see, work hard for her class to be the best representative, study to keep her perfect grades, train to master her power, spend time with her friends to not be anti-social, she couldn't do it all!

Finally, Aoimi realized she needed something other than this 'perfect' life. She needed to do something on her own rather than just what people expected of her. And as such Aoimi's desire to rebel began to grow as a tiny seed. She was so terrified of being caught and ruining the image people had of her that she spent weeks casually scouting the School Garden security to try and find the best way to sneak out one night. After weeks of nervously checking out the best ways in and out to avoid people and jumping back and forth between going through with it or not, the night of Aoimi's first steps of her own choosing arrived.

Grabbing a hoodie and tucking her long red hair inside it, Aoimi snuck out after curfew one night and decided to check out the real city outside her gilded cage of the School Garden. The first night was a nerve wrecking experience as the young woman was constantly questioning if someone saw her or if people knew she had snuck out. At one point she even swung by a movie theater grabbing a ticket to whatever movie had the least people in it to avoid the risk of being seen. This movie happened to be a really cheesy, campy super hero film. However, despite the paranoia and fear, Aoimi realized something laying in her bed back at the dorm that night after she snuck back in. She had actually had a bit of fun. The city had looked so different and futuristic compared to the more traditional look of the Garden. And it was so much more amazing getting to explore it without the expectation of going to meet some fancy bigwig. There had been so much to see, so much to explore, that she found herself wanting to see even more of it.

And thus began the decent of the "perfect" girl Aoimi Aozaki. The young woman began sneaking out when she could, exploring the city, checking out the sights and smells and tastes. She didn't worry about how 'healthy' the food was or how 'proper' the outfits she tried on in the stores were. She began watching more of the late-night campy action movies at theaters in District 15 and fell in love with superhero movies. Sure, they were not educational and just "brain-melting" time-wasters that "someone of her level of intelligence" shouldn't waste time with. Sure, it was stupid to watch such B-movies in a world with powers. But despite that, or perhaps because of it, she loved them anyways. She didn't need to explain to anybody what she thought of these things since she was sneaking out alone. And bit by bit Aoimi's stress began to go down. Sure, at school she had to pretend like nothing happened, even around her best friends, but at night she could have fun and try things she would never get the chance to. She could rebel against both her family and society's expectations.

It didn't take many trips into the city, however, before Aoimi realized that there was a lot more darker parts of the city compared to the School Garden. With most her life being spent either in the secure Garden or her parents manor, Aoimi hadn't seen the darker sides of humanity, much less the darker sides of this particular city. Even her trips out into the city to meet people her parents had told her to meet were typically either escorted or during the day and very straightforward. It started with something simple. Like usual, the young girl had thrown on her hoodie and snuck out of the city, but this time she came across a group of thugs while cutting through an alleyway. A young beautiful girl all alone and defenseless? This was Aoimi's first time having to fight, much less defend herself. And despite the fact that she was a level four against a handful of skill-out, her lack of experience made it very difficult. She took many hard hits and bruises and only lasted so long due to strengthening her hoodie hard enough to break the hands of one of the men punching her. However, just as she was gloating about being able to stop them she took a painful blow to her exposed head and was nearly knocked unconscious. As she hit the ground, fear filled Aoimi as her own safety caused her to regret not just running. If only she could run! Forget all this! But she was surrounded, dazed, and now being beat on. Luckily, the time the brawl had gone on mixed with the sounds had attracted attention. While she was struggling to maintain consciousness and fearing the worst she heard footsteps as someone ran over to intervene. With her vision and conscious dazed from the hit to the head and other punches she had taken before she had thought to armor her hoodie, she didn't remember much about who helped her other than that it was a dark spikey-haired male who had got their attention and been forced to run off as all the thugs turned on him instead.

That night was Aoimi's worst trip into the city and she weakly returned back to the dorms bruised, aching, and nervous about something like that happening again. It was quite difficult making up an excuse for her injuries the next day, but nobody would expect the perfect girl of sneaking out so luckily even with her poor lies, most people believed her. However, while at dinner that night with her best friend Arisu, her lies were finally called out. Unlike most her friends, Arisu's Judgment experience meant she recognized what a bruise from a boot, or fist, or pipe looked like. Arisu questioned Aoimi about the real story behind her injuries and despite Aoimi's attempts to make excuses, Arisu finally got the truth out of her. Arisu was surprised that Aoimi had snuck out on the town, especially multiple times, but rather than scold her on sneaking out, Arisu was more focused on Aoimi's safety. Arisu warned Aoimi about how dangerous the city could be and various rumors of gangs and thugs and more in an attempt to convince her friend not to keep heading out. Aoimi assured her friend that after the pain she had suffered sneaking out was the last thing on her mind.

And that was the truth... for a few days. It took her about a week before her fear was able to be suppressed enough for her to try sneaking out into the city again hoping to find and thank the person who had helped her. It wasn't for the excitement! It was reasonable to thank a real life hero! However, as she wandered the city this time she couldn't help but notice the darker areas and alleyways. And by noticing and not glossing over these she started hearing people's need for help. While the city appeared beautiful and peaceful in the light, there were darker corners of it where people were being preyed on like she had almost been. Except that a hero had saved her. These people didn't have a hero. Or did they?

Despite her fear of that same pain as last time, Aoimi couldn't turn away from someone who needed help. As she looked more into the city, she began to hear rumors about other 'heroes' who dressed up and did their best to help people in danger. With these rumors combined with the memory of the spikey boy, Aoimi decided to follow in their footsteps. Her journeys into the city started becoming less about food, movies, shopping, excitement, and exploring and instead became attempts to help people like she had been helped. Her first few trips were definitely learning experiences as she had little knowledge of fighting and only her Esper abilities allowed her to do much. However, she was able to find more practical ways to use these powers by playing hero. She learned that by strengthening gloves she could hit harder and that the more clothes she wore the more of her body she could protect with armor. She started wearing full body trench coats, and then a hood. However, if she was going to be a hero a trench coat and a hoodie just clashed way too much. Bit by bit the young woman began assembling her "superhero" costume to "help those in need" and "fight evil-doers."

As she went out in her costume and fought and helped people, she started realizing that the adrenaline and the fighting and the saving others was exciting, thrilling, and a chance to use her powers for something meaningful! This desire to help others and have her power be more than just a science experiment caused the young woman to try out various 'heroic' names. Carbonator, The Carbon Fist, Carbon Marvel... until finally she self-named herself "Captain Carbon!" Her trips to the city drifted further and further away from just rebelling. No, she was helping clean up the city! She had once heard that Espers had ceased to be human and had become something like a manga protagonist and for the first time ever she understood that claim. Just strengthening and weakening an object was a poor hero, but somebody who could strengthen their fist or take hits for others with an impenetrable defense? THAT was a hero!

As more and more nights became focused on living this life of "Captain Carbon", this hero became her release. Aoimi began to split these two and used Captain Carbon to help her "release" stress and "enjoy" life. It probably wasn't right that she was enjoying the thrill of the fight, but... that wasn't why she was doing it! She was doing it to be a hero! To defeat evil doers and protect the weak! Aoimi was the good girl who followed the rules, studied, and did whatever she was told. But Captain Carbon was the paragon of justice! The one who helped people and made the ladies swoon with her dashing charm and powerful techniques.

For over a year, Aoimi kept up this persona. She began to get very good at lying and covering up the occasional bruises (which became less and less common the more she fought and adapted). Finally, Aoimi was able to win fights both because of her powers and her fighting talent. This was especially important as it was around that time that people who shouldn't have had any serious powers suddenly started becoming much bigger threats. Rather than just fighting Skill-Out thugs, she started coming across other Espers who were hurting others. However, her previous fights had prepared her and things were still going well. After all, she was Captain Carbon, and she was invincible!

Or so she thought...

It was a night out on the town looking for damsels to rescue, or baddies to defeat , and enjoying life while hopefully one day being loved by cute girls everywhere! As she was looking for trouble a young boy ran up to her asking if she was a Hero based on her outfit and begging for a "Hero" to save him. He claimed that people were after him and he needed protection. Aoimi had offered to take the child to Anti-Skill, but the kid seemed insistent on avoiding them. Aoimi offered to take the child somewhere private to talk and keep him safe and the two made their way through district 7 in one of the gardens.

While Aoimi tried to think of what to do, suddenly a bunch of black vans pulled up on the scene and a group of fully covered men in black poured out pointing guns at both of them. Aoimi quickly strengthened her coat and stepped in front of the child giving her best hero pose. However, before she could demand they leave or hear a villain monologue, the people immediately went to attacking. Aoimi wasn't about to allow the poor child to be kidnapped and with her strengthened coat moved forward toward the crowd quickly before taking a powerful blast to the chest from some weird heavy weapon. Despite the fact that her vitals had been protected the sheer impact had knocked her to the ground. The fight lasted much shorter than Aoimi would ever like to admit as the group showed immense coordination and technology working together to restrain her, find openings in her outfit, and get cuts or hits where they could. Some of their weapons, even blocked by her coat, were enough to bruise and batter her as the woman was knocked around between each one barely able to fight back.

Urging the kid to run, Aoimi tried to hold back the group, but was quickly subdued and badly injured. She wanted to run, she was scared, but she had to hold them off as long as she could so the kid could escape. She gasped and panted and pushed her body as far as she could despite the fact she was very severely wounded and bleeding out. Each time she was put down, she weakly forced herself back to her feet. She could barely even defend herself and between each strike, hit, and throw to the ground all she could see was others dragging the kid into a van and driving off. Desperate to help, Aoimi fought even harder knowing she had to catch up to the van before it was out of sight. But no matter what she tried the woman was outclassed, bleeding out, bruised, and outmatched. Finally, no matter how hard Aoimi tried to get up, her body had reached its limits. The world faded to black as she weakly reached out toward the retreating van. Finally, she passed out from blood loss. This was how she died. Failing to save someone who needed her. Bleeding out in a park.

The next few days were the first time Aoimi ever missed class. After a few days, she woke up in the hospital and learned from a weird frog-eyed doctor that she had been found in a park with a torn up outfit and countless injuries. Somebody had called Anti-Skill and they had barely arrived in time to take her to a hospital where she had been treated despite most expecting her to not survive. This was the worst beating Aoimi had ever taken, even worse than her first fight. And the worst part of all was that she had failed to protect the kid from being taken. Shortly after she woke up, a person arrived with a phone saying they had a call for her. The mysterious voice mentioned they had called Anti-Skill and ensured that she had survived while also helping hide evidence of her identity Captain Carbon (just in case). They mentioned her failure to help the kid and how working alone had been her problem. The man wanted to make the city a better place and was looking to recruit her for help. Aoimi was hesitant at first since she had barely recovered and had no clue who the man was. But when a potential clue to help the kid who needed her was dangled in front of her, the girl quickly took the bait and accepted the offer.

After three days in the hospital, Aoimi was released and returned to school. Luckily, with her whereabouts being relatively unknown, people hadn't visited her in the hospital to hear what her injuries were. However, she was surprised to find that the school hadn't noted the incident. In addition, Arisu had helped cover for her with her parents. Aoimi made up a story about an accident on the way to school and her friends were none the wiser though still worried about her health, especially with Arisu as a witness.

Despite her pain though, it was the failure to protect a child that hung on Aoimi. She didn't know when the man would contact her again, but it was she was a hero, people needed her help, and it was clear that she could do more with a team than by herself.

Esper Ability: Carbon Changer

Carbon Changer possesses the ability to alter and manipulate carbon bonds in order to change their structural make-up via touch. Her primary function of her power comes from strengthening or weakening a carbon-based object allowing it to either shatter easily or resist far more impact than normal. The primary function of her ability as far as testing is concerned is being able to make an object break, no matter the hardness, or to strengthen something to take a heavy blow. At level four, there is very little that Carbon Changer can't turn super fragile and make breakable and she can also make objects very strong. However, her control over the tiny details is still fairly low which means that while she can make something nearly unbreakable or can make it super weak, she struggles to make it a specific carbon bond. Theoretically with enough study and effort, she could reshape carbon to cause it to take a different carbon form.

Captain Carbon uses her power to strengthen her gloves and clothing to allow her to punch someone with a hardened fist (or kick with a hardened boot) and to allow her to take powerful blows into her armor instead. With her power activated, she can turn her simple cotton clothes into hardened bulletproof attire.


Why are you in academy city?
"I am a student here learning to use my powers and better the city. My family sent me here to work hard and raise in prestige and make a name for myself. Although in the last year, I am starting to suspect my family had more plans than that when they sent me... They seem to be quite interested in what higher-ups I can 'get along with'. Ugh..."

Why are you working for your employer?
"There is an evil-doer in this city who escaped me! Even worse they kidnapped a poor child who was relying on me. My employer has given me a lead on this child which alone proves they are a virtuous person! And I believe in helping virtuous people and fighting evil! With a team of like-minded heroes on my side, injustice will not get away again!"

What introduced you to the dark side of academy city?
"When I was a simple civilian, before I took on this mantle of hero, I had wandered the city enraptured by its light. But soon I witnessed its darkness first hand as the depraved people attempted to harm myself and others! When a hero saved me it motivated me to be that same hero and bring light to this dark world! And the longer I tried to provide light, the more darkness I saw! I've seen kidnappers, small groups of Espers trying to rob innocent laboratories dedicated to providing medicine for those in need! And more!"

What is your esper ability and level?
"I am a Level 4 Esper. My title is Carbon Changer. I have the ability to strengthen and harden objects with a carbon make-up."


What is a rumor you've heard in Academy city?
"Umm...I don't usually follow rumors. I am busy with school work. But, I've heard a few of the other girls around campus mention a hero who helps those in danger in the city. Supposedly they are a super dashing and charming hero named Captain Carbon... Rumor has it if you are ever in danger, just call their name and justice will help you... But uhh... obviously that's silly. Anti-Skill is all we need."

"I...I don't usually pay attention to rumors obviously. But my friend has mentioned that they have been receiving reports of a strange short man with fists of fire who claims to be a god. As if those even exist."

"And finally, there is supposedly a serial car flipper who goes around testing his strength by seeing what things he can flip. All that is known is that he is a man and has been compared to Hercules."

What school do you go to?
"Ah...ummm..." Aoimi looks down at her uniform. However, she refrains from commenting on the obviousness out of respect, "I go to Private Tsutsuji Academy in the School Garden. Its a private all-girls school... umm...which I guess I probably didn't need to add since its in the School Garden... Uhhh... its one of the elite five girls schools. I went there after graduating from Tokiwadai."

What new thing is recently opened in Academy city your interested in?
"My friends recently found this nice cafe in the garden that has a lot of extra room for us to study in. We can order various desserts to snack on while we study. I usually end up going with them there since I can keep work as the class rep while they have desserts."

"Bravo Coats Emporium! I had to shop for most my clothing online originally. But with this new store I can find the most dashing of coats and hats at one easy location! I'm Captain Carbon, and this is my favorite store in Academy City!"

Is there someone you'd like to protect from the dark side of academy city?
"Ummm... my former roommate back when I was at Tokiwadai... Arisu is probably my best friend and I wouldn't ever want her being effected by the things I---Captain Carbon does. He deals in stuff that girls like us shouldn't get involved in. Honestly, that's probably silly of me since she's Judgment. I mean... its kinda her job, but I'm worried about her getting hurt."

You've met Aihana Etsu tell me about them.
"Ahhhh yes! The cutest girl in Academy City! I remember meeting her like it was yesterday! That beautiful smile stole my heart and I would have done anything just for a single date!"


Notable NPCs

Arisu Mahou
Aoimi's Best Friend
Arisu Mahou is a level three and close friend of Aoimi. Aoimi first met the girl when they were both roommates back at Tokiwadai. Whether it was merely because they were forced together or meant to be, Arisu and Aoimi became very close friends and remained as such even after they both graduated from Tokiwadai. As they both have their own rooms at Tsutsuji, unlike at Tokiwadai, they no longer live together, but they still spend time when they can together.

Arisu's power is Psychometry which allows her to gleam the thoughts of a person or objects close to a person. However, her power requires her to focus and have something to paint or draw with as the medium for what she 'sees'. While her information is fairly clear, due to the time and materials required to draw her visions, she has not risen above level three yet. Because of this power, she was recruited into Judgement.

Arisu is the only person who knows Aoimi snuck out into the city. Although Arisu thought Aoimi had stopped after the first attack, after Aoimi ended up in the hospital, Arisu has learned that Aoimi did it again. Despite her dislike of Aoimi sneaking out into the city, Arisu still helped cover up for Aoimi covering for her when her parents called and also being an alibi for Aoimi's claims that she got caught in an accident on the way to school.

As a member of Judgment and close friend of Aoimi's, Arisu is the source of most of Aoimi's information and rumors regarding the city.

Daichirou Jēmuson
Sick of Captain Carbon's Shit
Daichirou Jēmuson had a pretty nice and simple set-up as a low-ranking leader of a minor Skill-Out gang. Unlike other organizations, Jēmuson had little aspirations to get too big and realized the hierarchy of Academy City. Sure, he didn't like being treated so poorly as a level-0, but unlike other Skill-Out gangs, he mostly just wanted a small piece of pie. As such, the man mostly kept his gang functioning on petty or smaller things and typically only made his move when Anti-Skill was busy dealing with more important matters. Level-upper causing some bombings? That sounds like a good time for some low-attention smuggling. The man specialized in being just small enough of a target that he wasn't typically worth going after. He felt he was untouchable, until that damn menace Captain Carbon showed up.

The first time he had assumed his goons had just gotten beat up by another gang and was lying to save face. The second time he was still suspicious, but started putting his ear to the ground. And eventually he learned that this obnoxious goody toe-shoes was just beating up any 'evil-doers' they came across regardless of "small fry" or "big fry." Jēmuson has yet to encounter this Captain Carbon, but already he is getting damn sick of them and wants this menace out of his territory now!

Jēmuson has some minor ties to the Dark Side of Academy City and has been contacted with jobs from time-to-time. He typically doesn't get involved for fear or drawing too much attention, but he has occasionally been willing to smuggle crates and boxes when paid. What's inside these boxes he doesn't want to know. After all, the more he knows the more of a threat he would become if people wanted to clean up loose ends.

Tsutsuji Dorm Supervisor
I Thought We Were Free After Tokiwadai

The Dorm Supervisor of the Tsutsuji Academy dorms where Aoimi stays. When the girls from Tokiwadai had graduated they thought they were finally safe. However, upon meeting their Tsutsuji Dorm Supervisor they quickly learned there was no escape. The woman is extremely strict and while the misbehaving girls no longer get their necks snapped, they do get thrown through walls. Not sure which is better... Considering how the walls seem to be fixed shortly after, rumor has it the dorm lady is an Esper who can fix walls. But no records of her as an esper seem to exist. Its almost like magic how these walls get fixed though. Well, if such a thing existed.

Aoimi actually gets along with her Supervisor as she is a prime example of a 'good girl' who follows the rules and doesn't try to sneak out like some of the others. Of course, after becoming Captain Carbon this means that Aoimi has had to work extra hard to keep that fact hidden from the Dorm Supervisor. Luckily the trust she has established has given her a bit of breathing room. Of course, every time Aoimi thinks she is in the clear, she gets a shiver when she sees the all-knowing look of her Dorm Supervisor.

Kiritsu Kihara
Prestigious Scientist

The latest of the Aozaki's attempts to find a person for Aoimi to "associate" with. For the last month, Aoimi has been expected to meet with him occasionally in order to see if a business partnership between him and the Aozaki's would work. These business meetings to see how they get along have tended to involve fancy dinners or other things that seem to lack any touch of 'business'. Aoimi can't place what it is, but something about the man makes her extremely uncomfortable, though she keeps that hidden in order to not cause problems. The man is a wealthy and prestigious scientist with a specialization in manipulation of matter. Unknown to Aoimi, he has had a few indirect encounters with Captain Carbon as he was the one responsible for hiring Steel Bender to raid the Medical Laboratory.

A Year of Captain Carbon

Captain Carbon has had many adventures in the year since she arrived. Discussing all of them would take a lot of space and detract from bigger more important key moments in her life. However, including a small section to discuss some of them can be both enlightening and exciting. And so here are some of the many adventures of Captain Carbon.

What's In a Name?

During Aoimi's first month as a hero, she went through many interesting looks. At first she just tried adding really cool pointy shades to her hoodie look, but that made it difficult to see at night. She wasn't quite sure how exactly they did that in the movies, but it only took one purse snatching getting away because she tripped and fell into a trash can before she realized it didn't work well. She tried various other looks before settling on the coat, scarf, and hat look. However, naming herself was one of the biggest challenges early on. First, she tried "The Carbonator" after being inspired by a Western movie involving a Robot and a man with a funny voice. However, apparently that was a car part that had little to do with heroic things. She then tried "The Carbon Fist", but got laughed at before she Carbon Punched the thug out. But then she got laughed at by the person she was helping and she couldn't really punch out a cute damsel. So she had to change that. Carbon Marvel seemed to stick for a while, but in the end she dropped the name after discovering CAPTAIN CARBON! Which just had the best ring to it in her opinion.

The Dress Break Technique
Captain Carbon developed the "Dress Break" ability moderately early in her career. It was only a month after donning the full suit and taking the name "Captain Carbon" (after many brief stunts as other names). Captain Carbon had heard rumors after beating on members of the Daichirou gang that they had turned down a request to raid a nearby Medical Laboratory. While the low-level thugs didn't know the details, Captain Carbon went to investigate in order to protect the medical supplies. After all, what sort of villain would attack a simple medical laboratory? People relied on these types of places for research to help cure injuries and sickness!

While investigating the area, Captain Carbon came across an Esper with the ability to manipulate steel freely as a form of Steel telekinesis. The two fought for a while with Captain Carbon's cotton based clothing keeping her free of manipulation and allowing her to take hits. However, the woman had used her own powers in a manner similar to Captain Carbon, but with steel. While Captain Carbon wore cotton she hardened, this woman wore a full outfit made of steel that she shaped and bent around her body. They both had little luck hurting the other as each slugged and punched and knocked the other around without much luck. In desperation, Captain Carbon attempted to use her powers like she did in school to "weaken" an object. The object she choose was the steel outfit the woman was wearing. When they clashed in a grapple, Captain Carbon placed a hand on the woman's stomach and sent all the power she could into trying to weaken the bonds as best she could before reaching back and slugging the weakened outfit. However, with this attempt being her first time, Aoimi had weakened far more than just the steel on the woman and the punch to break the armor broke everything she had on her chest leaving the woman topless.

There was a super moment of awkwardness as Captain Carbon found herself staring before getting yelled at and covering her eyes (with a small gap in the fingers at least... shhhh) and asking the woman why she was naked and to get some clothes on! This of course was followed by the woman calling Captain Carbon a pervert and saying it was her fault she was naked! This whole spat put a bit of a dampener on the fight as the woman cursed and swore before retreating and saying she would be back and Captain Carbon couldn't guard the place forever. However, with this "success" Captain Carbon realized that the method was very effective way to break up fights! And uhhh that's why she perfected it. It was totally innocent! And anybody who says otherwise is a liar!

The Dark Side of Academy City

While Aoimi felt the claims of a "Dark Side" of Academy City were just melodramatic remarks made by various defeated thugs, she actually has had a few encounters with it unknowingly. However, while she has encountered these during her time as a hero, she has mostly just assumed they were typical crimes and not some "secret" side of the city. The time she developed the Dress Break was technically a part of the Dark Side as the Esper she defeated had been paid by a rival research organization to perform espionage and sabotage on a research experiment the medical lab was performing.

She had heard various rumors be it by direct mention or people claiming secret experiments, but overall has dismissed them as just rumors. Other miscellaneous encounters involved encountering someone on the run while being chased by people determined to silence them. While Captain Carbon was able to help the man escape, she got very little information as the man just rambled about not being allowed to leave and more would come. While Captain Carbon tried to insist on offering help, the man refused and kept running. Unknown to her, that was a man trying to leave the Dark Side.

Her biggest run in was obviously with her big defeat by professional mercenaries who had been paid to recapture and escaped experiment. It was that final encounter that caused her to realize maybe there was more to the rumors than just exaggeration. Especially after she was contacted by the mysterious benefactor.

In short, Aoimi's year of crime fighting has had a few minor crossovers with the Dark Side and she has heard all manners of rumors, but she has mostly attributed this to below just trying to make crime sound 'tougher' or more legitimate. In her mind, all crime was a "dark side" of the city. She is just now starting to finally realize just how deep and serious things can get.

High Concept - The high concept i suppose is fine.

Background - As far as the idea is concerned, the idea that they were a big prestigous family that missed the bus to cash in on academy city was an interesting idea. Especially since it does cost them quite a bit since they did actually mess up in doing so.

I think there's an idle comment to be made about the divide that they might of gotten if they did some looking into it, because it is worth mentioning while academy city (And railgun in general) likes to think that people can get to level 5 with hard work, that's a suspect idea. That does mean however, that's a close enough idea for Aoimini to get into it, just something worth mentioning.

The idea of her hitting the wall between level 4 and 5 is a worth wild to mention one, i do feel like it's probably worth mentioning she probably has an idea of the impossibility of reaching level 5.

Her high school stress mounting under this kind of pressure made sense. With everything going on, and her lack of general progress. I feel like there's likely an element of hobnobbery you can include, people her parents want her to get close to, that sort of thing.

Her going out on her own was probably fine, I think that you're probably okay on most of the counts, her sneaking out, and people not noticing is possible. Though i don't think you really gave a good thing for her to be excited about seeing after leaving, I'd probably mention something cool she got to see by going out. Something that was her having a good time with.

you mention it in the next section, but i feel like having it placed on her first night helps the flow of the thing more.

Her love of super hero movies probably works fine, honestly i think there might be a bit of a stigma about them in AC just due to the fact that they've got real super powers.

It's then worth looking at the dark side a bit more closely, I think there actually might be some worth to her having hear a bit about the dark side about it before encountering it. Maybe mentioning that she'd heard the rumors, that kinda thing.

Mildly entertaining kamijou touma reference. to end off that sequence.

Her injuries and being handled the next day are fine and her having worries about her going back into the city are fine. If you don't want her having heard about the rumors before now, I think this might be a good place in adding them. Her having heard about the rumors before steeling herself to go back in. Dunno, just think there's a missed opertunity here.

It's honestly amusing in it's own way that you're using that as your insperation for being a hero. Though i think it's also worth mentioning that I think that there might be some amusement to actually using the rumors from above to reference other heroes of Academy city that you might of heard only in rumors in similar ways to her.

After this point that she was using her trips to save people I think this works, though i don't know if i'd call her "Advancing her powers" so much as learning how to use them more effectively.... then again it's similar to accelerator advancing his powers so it might work. Just something to consider.

Her following paragraph was probably fine, I think that there's probably some worth to my suggestions about rumors that would help strengthen this by having some examples.

I can see what the brain is going to here, which i think is nice. Self justifying her actions.

Hmmm.... I think I'm just starting to feel kinda iffy on what she's doing here, as far as keeping it up that long, not running into some dark side stuff seems kinda iffy. Dunno she's actively looking for it, and wandering around academy city it's probably going to happen more often than not. Especially if you're starting to run into espers. I think this might be made better by maybe shifting or applying a sort of time onto her outings. If it's early enough onto the night there's decent reason for her to have not run into them, but i feel a year would be to great if you're doing daily trips into academy city and wandering around until like 4am.

I think the boy is probably a fine idea in and of itself, no real comments to make here, and not really any sort of comment to mention until they knock her on her ass and she's sent packing to the hospital.

I think you're just missing a chance to mention the frog faced doctor here by the way. Just an amusing thing, not nessary.

As far as the call was concerned that's probably fine. It's probably worth noting that she'was probably surprised to hear that her school hadn't noted anything about the incident. I do think you do need to cover your parents here, i feel like you going 3 days without contacting them might not be ideal.

Questionnaire -
Question 1: This is fine, mentioned adding an element of selective hobnobbery
Question 2: This section works fine as well, minor comment about most of captain carbon might be worth mentioning in the concerns section, I'll mention.
Question 3: that's largely fine
Question 4: this is fine, no major comment to make here.
Question 5: you're really just avoiding giving me ideas aren't you?
Question 6: That's probably fine, on both sides.
Question 7: Honestly you could probably just not answer this question instead of this.
Question 8: see 7.
Question 9: This is fine, works out.
Question 10: Yeah that's completely fine in my book, i'm always amused by this no matter what the answer is.

Trouble - The trouble is fine, I think it works out well for the character in a lot of ways, was a lot better than the classical chronic hero syndrome from before that i had suggested in discord.

Aspects -
Flower of Tsutsuji academy: Lacks invokes and Compel, but I can already see how this could be played out in the future, so i'm fine with it.
Friend ot all the pretty ladies: I suppose this is fine, dunno, I feel like this could probably be rolled into your last aspect
Level 4 Carbon Changer Captain Carbon: is probably fine personally i think you could probably roll captain carbon's personality with the ladies into this, since it's a less repressed version, and your powers together into this aspect. Basically cover the aspect as "Captain carbon" and "powers" in one without issue. Though the seperation might be better helped if you make friend of all pretty ladies more all around less inhibited. Make it less about ladies and more about being less restrained in general.

Ability - We've discussed this conversation to no end personally. Which is probably fine, I don't think there's anything that really needs to be mentioned with this point.

Personality - I think that the personality you have listed for both Aoimini and Captain carbon is fine, not really much to mention outside of what i want to mention about captain carbon in general in the concerns section.

Appearance - Aoimi's apperance both as herself and as captain carbon is fine. no major points to really mention here.

NPC's - Arisu Mahou - Probably works fine, dunno about her being obsessed with catching captain carbon. Ithink ther's more worth to her not, and then kinda moving into that teretory if captain carbon gets bigger. Let's you have the option to bring her into it if the story demands earlier.

Daichirou - I think this guy's probably fine.

Tsutsuji - Amusing she's got no name, I think there might be some worth to making her a pretty young esper to have a way to fix the walls she's breaking on a regular basis.

Skill choices - I think most of these are fine, Personally, I think that you might wanna drop Physique one rank, just so you can have the extra 3 points, I personally think that you're lack of "Knowledge Technology", and "burglary" (For sneaking out) is less than ideal considering your character, and if you take my suggestions about rumors, you'll have a point for that to give you for the +1 skills.

Stunts - Goddammit take the cards out of your descriptions.
Carbon fist: Works fine
Diamond defense and improved: works fine
Double life: works fine
Popularity: this works fine
Useful little things: I think this is fine, though i think i might add on a requirement of, "If it's a stretch, he might allow you to have it if you spend a fate point and explain why you have it."
Dress break: This works fine

Concerns and fixes to discuss- Only minorly concerned cause Captain Carbon comes off as a bit to campy.

Overall - Really good application, leveling with you i was expecting not to like it from the concept, but this is why i never out right veto people cause i can be turned around by the time i finish, address my concern and we're good.

While Aoimi was always intended to be aware she can't hit level 5, I cleared that up a bit by mentioning its a form of denial. She can't accept it and continues to struggle even though a part of her knows she can't hit level 5.

Good idea regarding the parents, that has been added in various points. I should have an NPC up by time you see this, but will also be adding an NPC in this part of her life most likely.

Shifted some more stuff to day one though largely the first day was more supposed to be a wide-eyed "wooooooaahhh" as sees this "Whole new world"

Added a bit more reason on how superheroes started (too cheesy, few people watch, so less chance getting seen. Started to like cause she's a dork)

Adding the Dark Side to the backstory without making it more bloated was tricky. I mentioned a few rumors (and also the other heroes) in the backstory, but mostly pushed it to a new section "1 Year of Captain Carbon" where I will include various fun stories as I think of them and add them. In short she HAS encountered the Dark Side in minor ways before, but mostly just assumed it was same old same old crime. "Oh? An attack on a laboratory? Stop those thieves!" "This gang is kidnapping kids? I'll put a stop to them!" etc. Also added a note that Arisu is her main source of rumors and information.

Love frog-eyed doctor idea, will edit that in.

Arisu played a part in covering for her during her absence.

Cut the two questions you didn't like even if the magical beauty of girls was a golden line

Added a few more rumors. Don't judge me for them :P

Added some example invokes and compels (hate examples mrgrgrgr)

Updated the Aspects. Captain Carbon aspect covers more personality and totally switched out Friend to the Ladies to cover her hobnobbery.

Arisu you make a damn good point about cutting the Captain Carbon connection and that was just a silly idea with no reason for being there so cut it. Gave her a handful of updates.

Daichorou got a very minor update in that his gang occasionally does some work for Dark Side, but mostly tries avoid it and stay low.

Dorm Supervisor I didn't go with Esper, but tried a different idea. Tell me if you like it. I thought it was kinda funny, but I can make Esper if you think that doesn't work.

Skills I am still working on and debating what to do... so that's not been changed. I like your idea, I'm just torn on what to change.

Cards have been removed... grumble grumble. Added fate point thing to useful little things.

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