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Crux Europa: Lionhearts is now Re-recruiting [Hex-grid tactical combat]

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Crux Europa: Lionhearts is now Re-recruiting [Hex-grid tactical combat]

Crux Europa: Lionhearts - Forum

Your BriefingListen closely, Echo Company.

Initial contact with the Orlon Third Mechanized Division was made at 0815 this morning. By 0948 Foxtrot Company had been driven off of perimeter positions to the east, and Hotel Company is falling back from fierce street-fighting to your north. Victor Company began engagement with Third Division forces just before noon, and are currently holding despite heavy losses at the city center.

You will link up with Victor and continue to inflict casualties on the Orlon forces of invasion. Drive them away from Basdeaux, block by block!

..Non Revertar Inultus..


Advance Wars meets Valkyria Chronicles. Rather then a single controlling general however, each squad on the Cendrian side is led by a different player. Communicate your tactics effectively, and guide your soldiers through the crucible of war!

Maybe elaborate a little bit more?

You are each leaders of a fire team in the Eighth Motorized Rifles (The Lionhearts) of the Cendrian volunteer military. The first portion of the campaign will focus on the actions of the Lionhearts as they battle across the Eastern Front to defend their homeland from foreign agressors. Each mission will take place across a hex-grid map where you will issue commands to your unit and then watch the results play out in turn-based combat. If you survive, you will be able to progressively upgrade your units and carve out your own slice of history in the Hall of Honor!

Bullethazard: The Core Mechanic

The game uses d10 dice exclusively. By far the most common rolls in the game are to determine success of shooting or melee attacks. In the unit sheets, a "Hit Rating" is a number from 1 to 9 surrounded by a square. When you attempt to perform the indicated action, roll #d10 where # is how many attacks you are granted by your chosen action. Remember to multiply die rolls by the number of surviving combat-ready members of your squad who are making the attempt. 3 Riflemen shooting rifles with Hit Ratings of 1 x |6| would each roll 1 dice, for a total of 3d10.

The result on the die indicates success or failure, with lower rolls being better. In the case of the riflemen above, any dice that rolled a 6 or under on their d10 would have scored a hit, and any who rolled a 7 or higher would have missed with their attack.

Check the rules manual for full details of the game's technical side! Alternatively, follow the example of the players around you!

If you wish a more detailed introduction to the rules of war, go to theField Guide thread and dig into the rules manuals located there.

How to Enlist

This part is simple. Choose a squad type from the Roster below.

Got your squad in mind? Good. Click on the spoiler related to your squad below. You will find a Unit Card there (the first few lines of text contained in the box). Copy and Paste this unit card into your reply! Insert a surname of your choosing in the "Blank" spot for your fireteam leader.

Be prepared to carry forward your Unit Data card at all times. It is where you will indicate your experience advances, as well as a resource tracker for ammunition and abilities spent during battle.

We will take the first six volunteers. Forward to battle, Lionhearts!





Officier Subaltern



Miscellaneous Stuff

Be prepared for a posting rate of around once every other day if you wish to keep pace with the battle. Sometimes things may go even faster, sometimes they will be slower.

The first Recruiting thread that began the game can be found here, if you have questions you would be wise to begin checking there first for the answers.

Mission 1 Briefing (Archived)

The Machine-State has made it's move. Mechanized forward elements of the Wulf Division, supported by crushing aerial superiority, are streaming across the lightly-defended borders of the Free Principalities and sweeping south, bypassing the stiff defense line of the Cendrian Eastern border. Already the 11th and 13th Cendrian Border divisions are in danger of being encircled.

The Cendrian 8th Motorized Rifles ("The Lionhearts"), are tasked with holding off the forward elements of the Orlon Third Mechanized Division ("Wulf Brigade") as it races to cut off the retreat of the 11th and 13th Infantry divisions. This area of land across the border of the Free Principalities borders the Abrient Fen, territory that Valtic legions have fought and bled over for centuries. Battle is met in the morning as the Wulf Brigade comes across the Lionheart's hastily built fortifications at the site of the triumphal arc of a long-dead Valtic general.

Mission 2 Briefing (In-Progress)

Basdeaux. The name may evoke memories of a bustling commercial center, the wine-making capital of Cendria, the last great river-port on the Baronne before it empties into the Mirror Lakes, or of the grand Cathédrale Saint-Lýon de Basdeaux that is the cities' greatest cultural legacy. Some of you may know it best as the patron city of the 8th Motorized Rifle Division, and the home from where you enlisted into the Lionhearts. We owe much to the city.

It's time to return the favor. Following our successful delaying action at the Ruins of Perditio, the Third Mechanized Division responded by changing objectives and breaking to the West. They have been racing for the Baronne River, presumably to secure this principle supply route into the heart of Cendria and strangle our will to resist.

Central Command has chosen to leave our Border Infantry and Main Armored Divisions to fight the territory war with the Orlon ground and air forces streaming over the border. It's up to us to track with the Third Mechanized and stop them from executing a slash-and-burn strategy on our homeland from behind the front lines.

Game Description:

\ˈkrəks, ˈkru̇ks\
1: a puzzling or difficult problem : an unsolved question
2: an essential point requiring resolution or resolving an outcome
3: a main or central feature

They call it The Coil. A festering wound at the heart of the continent of Europa, countless generations of mankind have shed endless rivers of blood to control the raw resources that are cast into the world from the void of this abyss. To control the Coil is to control the fate of Europa. Dynasties rise and fall in time to the heartbeat of the land, and every few years the earth shudders and weeps magma as the Coil rearranges the land in every direction. Then the profiteers emerge, eager to claim resources and drink in the rewards.

The most recent eruption was nearly as long ago as the dark fate of the last nation to try to dictate the flow of Ebontium. Fifty years before the present day, the signing of the Lysian Pact ended hostilities between the Lavathian Combine and the Machine-State of Orlon and created the new nation of Cendria, the first Republic to inherit the ashes at the center of the continent following yet another catastrophic resource war.

But Cendria has flourished nonetheless, and with the timing of the Coil's next eruption long overdue the powerful nations of Europa are again focusing their gaze inward at the heart of the continent.

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Here is a breakdown of the Grenadier's data card. May you find it useful, and by inference be better able to decipher other unit data cards.

A full-strength squad of Grenadiers consists of 2x soldiers. Each soldier has a single Heart of health. The circular icons to the right are a symbol representing what you will look like on the field of battle.

The Launcher is the primary attack option that Grenadiers have. Let's break it down, from left to right and top to bottom.

Damage: Grenadier grenades will deal 1 or more damage on a successful hit roll. The "+" sign refers to the potential for double damage on the target hex of the shot.

Ammunition info: The Launcher has one shot. After the Launcher has fired, it MUST be reloaded in order to fire again (Reloading a weapon costs 1 Action). The reloads are, however, functionally 'infinite' within the simplified logistics system of Crux Europa.

Range: The Launcher has a range of 4 hexes (since it is an AOE attack, this is for the purposes of selecting a Target Hex). It also has the "Indirect" property, allowing a shot to be made at a hex which is not within direct line of sight. Examples include through forests or behind buildings. Realize that making Indirect attacks results in a |-1| modifier to the Hit rating.

The Attack Action: For an Action cost of 1, roll one attack (1d10) with rating |7| against a unit in the Target Hex. Then, roll another attack (this time with rating |6|), for every unit within 1 hex of the target. If there was a unit in the target hex you may roll this secondary attack against it as well.

If there is no unit in the target hex the first roll may be ignored, unless you are intending to cause some sort of effect with your shot that goes beyond damaging opponents.

Notice that some weapons have multiple attack modes, which may feature various tradeoffs of range, action cost, hit rating, ammunition usage, or other variables. Fusiliers are a good example as they can fire off quick snap shots for only Half of an action, keeping the pressure on opponents but at the expense of a rather low Hit rating. Lanciers may choose to double-fire their Lances (expending a full Reload's worth of ammunition in one turn) or more carefully conserve ammunition with single shots in a round. Other examples will appear.

This is the notation for the Specialty Ammunition that the unit has. Check the Grenadier's unit data card (see the Original Post) for full details.

On off-turns when they aren't firing their Launchers, Grenadiers have a back-up weapon: the Sub-machine gun. We'll skim this a little since we covered Launchers in-depth above.

The SMG causes 1 Damage with every successful hit. It may only be fired Twice in a battle, then cannot be fired again (not enough room for spare magazines with all of those explosives you're carrying). Notice that it does not require any Reloads between uses, however. The Range is 3, with the Ballistic property. Ballistic weapons (which are the overwhelming majority of weapons in Crux Europa) may fire beyond their listed range, at a penalty of |-1| Hit rating for every 1 extra Hex of distance.

The Action cost for the Burst attack (the only attack mode the SMG has) is 1. Roll 3d10. For every roll of |4| or less, a hit is scored... obviously various factors may influence this Hit rating positively or negatively.

Brace for Impact: this is a Damage Reduction ability that the Grenadier unit has. The lack of an Action Cost indicates that this ability is probably a passive one. See the unit rules clarification/data card for more info.


Each Grenadier soldier has 1 Action. Remember though, there are TWO Grenadiers in a full-strength squad! This means you have 2 Actions to manage every turn, as well as two Launchers and two SMGs to track ammunition usage! Well, until one of you dies.

The Grenadier squad may normally Move 4 hexes in a turn. You may move then take an action, take an action then move, move a few hexes then take actions then move the rest of your hexes, or any permutation of those activities that your sick, depraved minds may imagine. Environment (dense forests, crumbling ruins) or Actions you take (such as the ubiquitous Run) can and will change your Movement value from turn to turn.

Sit down, because I'm about to blow your mind: Soldiers in a squad can each do different things with their Actions. They need to stick together if they have a chance at surviving though, so no Moving off on separate paths. Your fireteam partner(s) are your friends out there. Hold your buddy close, OK?

Before the question is asked (it has yet to come up but it probably will), soldiers in a squad may NOT swap weaponry (ie. one soldier reloading a Launcher, then the other shooting that same Launcher). This is normally not allowed, however crew-served weapons such as heavy machine gun emplacements or mortars will work differently and allow actions from multiple sources to affect them in the same turn. You don't need to worry about that right now.


Originally Posted by ArcaneStomper View Post
What about if a squad member dies. Can other members of the squad pick up their special ammo?
Good question. If you absolutely have to rummage around in your fallen buddies' pockets for their loose change and frag grenades, spend 1 Action for the soldier doing so. Do not think to exceed your starting limits on equipment, so this will only works for expended munitions that a fallen squadmate still hadn't used.

Wow. That's a pretty good explanation. I think I got it now, and if I forget sometime down the line, I can refer back to that.


I guess I'll go with Officiers then. Always wanted to go to Military School, but it wasn't my true calling.

Unit Card[O] Lt. Noire
Rifles: [ ][ ]-[ ][ ]-[ ][ ]

Do we know what and where the actual enemy forces are? I mean I can go and read the thread, but I'm not sure if the new recruits should know that or not.

Originally Posted by ArcaneStomper View Post
Do we know what and where the actual enemy forces are? I mean I can go and read the thread, but I'm not sure if the new recruits should know that or not.
Obviously it's the DM's final call on this one, but simply from a military "good sense" standpoint, the answer would be "yes", I'd think. Why? Because in this game it appears that radios and scout planes have been invented. Those combined with a simple map would be more than enough to let us know ahead of time what's going on.

The roster for Echo Company's relief detachment currently appears as such:

[O2] Lt. Noire

[L2] Cpl. Vance

[F3] Cpl. Boyce

[G3] Spc. Hanz

[E2] Spc. Santiago
[E3] Spc. Poulin

Prepare yourselves for arrival on the field of battle, and your first actions, later this evening. Last-minute unit specialty changes are approved up until the point of your deployment.

You will notice that there is now a number attached to your unit designation. This number is very important, because it allows Command to separate radio traffic from different units with the same specialty. On the field of battle each unit is marked by their number in addition to the symbol representing them. You all have 2s and 3s because Victor company already has pulled the lower numbers.

Operational Security in radio calls is important, we cannot allow ourselves to be deceived by Orlon spies. For this reason, failure to maintain a proper radio callsign with your assigned numeric designator will result in Command directing artillery resources to the location of your transmission in an effort to eliminate the unauthorized intrusion on our communications. Don't lose your number, make it a part of your Unit Card now.

Originally Posted by ArcaneStomper View Post
Do we know what and where the actual enemy forces are? I mean I can go and read the thread, but I'm not sure if the new recruits should know that or not.
Victor company has been battling the Orlon forces in the city center for the past five turns. You ARE authorized to view the past message traffic and casualty reports to familiarize yourself with the current state of the battle.

Assuming the situation doesn't deteriorate considerably within the next turn, Echo company's reinforcements will have their choice of entering the field from either the North-West (near to the Monument aux Ruine) or from the South (closest to the Toll House objective), based on the current status of held objectives. Echo Company fireteams may split up to enter from different vectors if they choose. This is just preliminary information for your planning, wait until further directions later today to begin final preparation for your approach.

Opposing Force Report (OpForRep)The Orlon Third Division is a mechanized infantry brigade, with the majority of their strength consisting of armored battle walkers and heavy assault infantry mobilized in troop transports. Support comes from light infantry sappers and the unliving Untermenschen golems. Orlon battle doctrine tends towards close-range firefights and shock-and-awe tactics, but they usually lack the flexibility and mobility of Cendrian troops. Their soldiers are tenacious and unyielding, sooner to simply march through intense suppressive fire then around it. Do not mistake these tendencies for lack of strategic ability, however.

To conclude, attrition-based conflict on Orlon terms is highly unwise. Bleed them through skirmish tactics and don't let their generals catch you between the hammer and the anvil.

Stand by, Lionhearts.

You may hear me periodically spout anti-engineer propaganda, and it may or may not be true, so take it as you will. Be advised however, that we do not need that many engineers. We currently have a 2:3 Lancier-Engineer ratio, when the ideal would better be 3:2.


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