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Mass Super-Empowering Event ideas (Mutants and Masterminds)

SUPER POWERED VILLAIN from the future travels back in time to destroy SCIENTIFIC DEVICE
In destroying SCIENTIFIC DEVICE, QUANTUM EVENT takes place.
Suddenly people all around the world are transposed with SUPER POWERED VILLIAN DNA

Will HEROES correct the QUANTUM EVENT, and undo the PARADOX to return everything to normal?

We are always playing with technology. Every time it get ahead of us. So why not just use the super collided a focal point.
Combine it with a strong sunspot explosion releasing unknown particles. Thus causing the first generation of super powers.
Now decide the power level of the players, and villains. Because later generations should be more powerful.
You can't have every evil similarity powered. However one scientist at the super collider could get multiple powers.
A long life span from super healing,and building any tech he could think of to advance his goals.
Perhaps a teleportation ability.

I think one thing to ask is: what genre riffs do you have in mind for your particular superhero stories?

If you’re going to do superhero riffs on space opera, then aliens did it. If you’re doing gritty, street-level, urban crime stories, then a new designer drug gave people superpowers. If you’re doing government-backed superheroes who deal with Washington, D.C. bureaucracy between throwing cars at people, then it was secret government experiments.

Etc. Combine as necessary, obviously, if you’re blending different genres.

The sort of technology where you travel back in time and gain superpowers from two and a half years ago?

The gods of the ancient world returned secretly about 40 odd years ago, naturally they got right down to what ancient polytheistic gods tended to do, siring demigod children. Only they never told their children because... reasons. Now you have a bunch super-powered people running around with no idea where their powers come from.


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