World Building - The World of Trinkets


First things first, I rewatched 9 this past week and again it conjured thoughts of creating a world and campaign (as it does every time I watch it or I see something referencing it).

Secondly, I'm very aware that the logic of the movie is downright flawed from here to eternity. I also am aware that the whole thing was created as a test (and showcase) of someone's animation skills and they didn't really care that the story doesn't make a ton of sense. We don't really need to go down either one of those rabbit holes. They're there and they have no real credence on what I'm proposing going forward.

So where does that leave us? It leaves us with some great visuals and a barebones idea and not a lot of world-building parameters.

What I'd like to do is put together something that has a decent amount of logic behind why Trinkets (stand-in name for them) are around, why people aren't, and what would be considered a fun campaign. What we know going in:
  • Trinkets will be made of everyday household items. They will also be able to 'gear up' with everyday household items.
  • Humans are either extinct or gone, in either case, I'd like to get them out of the picture. I'm not really looking for a "Borrowers" or "Jack and the Giant' scenario unless it becomes incredibly compelling.
  • The Players would play individualized Trinkets, so explaining their diversity might be important.

I'm looking for Lore-Based ideas from anyone and everyone as I try to weed out my own terrible ideas. I'm finding that my own self-centered vacuum has become stagnant, redundant, and downright silly.

And as much as this particular game was cute and fun, I'd like to avoid.... this: