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FR-enthusiasts: Help expand on this campaign idea

FR-enthusiasts: Help expand on this campaign idea

The premise of the campaign is "What would FR look like if the PCs had failed in the module Out of the Abyss?"

Imagine the demon lords running amok across Faerun. Somehow, they have also prevented the Gods from becoming overly involved. Each demon lord is attempting to draw Toril into their layer of the Abyss, and as they claim areas of Faerun as their own, the land itself begins to resemble their Abyssal domains.
  • Graz'zt occupies Waterdeep and the surrounding lands. Though his area is small, control of the greatest city in Faerun gives him great power.
  • Orcus controls Damara, Impiltur, Vaasa, and environs.
  • Demogorgon was a bit late to the party and controls Chult and some of the southern regions.
  • Lolth controls huge swaths of the Underdark.

Magic is highly unstable -- possibly a result of something to do with Mystra or the corrupting nature of the abyssal encroachment. As a result, many of the Realms' most powerful archmages are dead or in hiding, as they cannot count on their once formidable abilities.

Which other demon lords could be involved? What could have prevented the gods from just setting things right? What are the most powerful NPCs and organizations up to?

Maybe it was "Foretold" that Demons would walk the lands? maybe as part of a test of the mortal's power or lack thereof?

Drawing some inspiration from another genre, maybe Baphomet made a deal with Graz'zt and Iggwilv and is going around seeking out the most notable personages of Faerun in an attempt to purge them from the lands with help from the aforementioned legions of lesser demons

Fraz-Urb'luu has seized control of Zhentil Keep, but done so in such a way that the Zhentarim think that they've successfully repelled all demonic influences. He's using them to sabotage and spy on his enemies among the other demon lords, which may lead the PCs to think that they represent a resistance force. Of course, should Fraz-Urb'luu learn of any significant plans to defeat the demons, he'll happily sell that information to one of the greater princes for more power.

Dagon has conquered the Sea of Fallen Stars, spending his time siring ever-more-awful half-fiend sahuagin abominations to unleash on the besieged aquatic elves and coastal cities.

The Red Wizards of Thay fully expected to be ascendant in this new demon-infested Faerun, so imagine their surprise when their nation was conquered by the lowly native gnolls, who had been whipped into a religious frenzy by the presence of their god, Yeenoghu. The gnolls have enslaved the slavers, and those Red Wizards who remain free are in search of ancient texts of demonology that can drive the princes back to the Abyss.

What about devils? How do they get involved/exploit this/fight back? I doubt they'd want demons getting more power that would tip the Blood War towards the Abyssal side...

Maybe the Devils become uneasy allies of resistance groups, the age old adage enemy of my enemy is my ally

Lots of good ideas. I was questioning what the devils would be up to as well. They are limited in their influence, but devil-cults could become temporary allies of the PCs. Is there a particular archdevil that would be involved?

Whatever happens in Thay should involve Eltab, I think.

Maybe Baphomet is also in the Underdark, carving out his own kingdom and fighting drow.

Made a number of changes to the plot. Though I prefaced the post with the campaign premise, it has since changed to "what would happen if the Witch King of Vaasa had succeeded at creating a massive rift to Thanatos?"

The Thanatopic Rift results in thousands of demons and undead pouring into Vaasa, as well as an influx of Abyssal energy that fundamentally changes the landscape for hundreds of miles.

Breaking substantially from Realms canon, the Witch King is in fact the archlich Acererak, who was granted the secret to lichdom by Orcus, and used his lich powers to survive the fall of Netheril. Right now I'm leaving it open whether he will do the whole Tomb of Annihilation plot.

Continuing with huge breaks from canon, the Weave itself prevents Gods from directly manifesting on Toril (avatars yes, gods themselves, no). However, the influx of Abyssal energy has enabled Lolth (being an Abyssal denizen herself) to partially enter Toril and she has begun to re-weave the Weave with her own dark magic, essentially laying the foundation for the usurpation of Mystra's power over magic.

Lord Dyrr, fearing what is to come should Lolth fully enter the world, summons Graz'zt and attempts to bargain with him. Unfortunately, it doesn't go so well, as the Abyssal energies weaken his abjurations and Graz'zt breaks free and travels to Athkatla.

The same abyssal energies enable Eltab to break free in Thay and he goes on a rampage, slaying several Zulkirs before being forced to flee.

Mystra notices that something is corrupting the Weave and sends her trusted sidekick Elminster to investigate. Lolth ensnares the old sage and feeds off his Silver Fire. Bye, Elminster.

I want something to be happening in Waterdeep as well. Maybe I'll move Fraz-Urb'luu over there instead of Zhentil Keep.

Asmodeus will get involved somehow as well.

As time goes on, perhaps more demon lords get involved.

Fraz Urb'luu likes illusions, if I remember correctly, would be much more fun for him in Waterdeep, making all kinds of things seem to pop up

Asmodeus would not get involved directly, he may send other arch fiends and or their legions, as posted earlier, making an uneasy alliance with the natives on Toril, which may create other problems, like, opening gates for devils, along with anything else that happens by, which would not be bound by any agreement

What organizations are there in the Realms that have ties to Asmodeus? I agree that he would work through his agents primarily.

In this campaign, Asmodeus is a member of the "Immortals", cosmic entities that predate the gods.

I could see agents of Mammon maybe trying to infiltrate/influence/corrupt the church of Waukeen, especially if you keep the canon fact that she was imprisoned by Graz'zt during the Time of Troubles.


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