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Speeding up Combat for M&M3e in PbP

Originally Posted by TheFred View Post
I wasn't really suggesting making the fights easier, I was just postulating that heroes ganging up would actually knock people out faster, and that a mixture of conditions and damage might also prove more effective in the long run (especially if used by multiple characters).
That was my point as well. See #2 above.

Originally Posted by TheFred View Post
I see these more of a last resort, though I guess if it's that or a TPK then of course you would use them. How many HPs do your characters normally have? I thought it was 1 per scene, plus any from Complications?
I don't see Hero Points as a last resort. They are one of the core mechanics. Most players earn two or three each session, plus the one they start the session with. They use them most frequently to stave off a wild swing of the d20 on a Toughness save. But in fights they get used for actionless recovery and improved rolls on attacks on occasion. In fights they aren't particularly suited to win, the heroes also use them to eliminate the fatigue of extra effort (usually to stunt a power they need). On nights that aren't particularly punchy-kicky, they also use them extensively for scene editing.

Originally Posted by TheFred View Post
Villains can have HPs (Villain Points?) too
Google says that there were Villain Points in M&M back in 2002 but not in any edition since. Might not be a bad idea though . . .

Originally Posted by TheFred View Post
Do your heroes always make very "balanced" attacks (as in, attack roll vs effect rank)?
We have a +2/-2 trade-off limit for builds, but they make great use of the trade-off Advantages. The villains do too.

Originally Posted by TheFred View Post
If you want the fights to end more quickly but not be any easier, you basically have to make them more volatile - everyone needs to die faster.
Well, no one ever dies in M&M, but yeah, that was my point as well. The Escalation die will do that, as will having both the heroes and the villains double-up on linked attack powers. Encouraging the players to gang up on a single villain and have the villains gang up on a single hero at a time would also work, but I probably won't be doing either for the reasons I already gave. Though, as I said above, I am considering handing out some more PPTs with instructions to beef up the attack powers with linked afflictions and drains and such and doing the same to the villains.

Good discussion. Thanks. I'll keep an eye on this thread to see if anyone has any additional suggestions before Friday.


Do that first post contains a Hit Point based house rule for M&M that I've tweaked and adjusted over years, even converting from 2nd edition. I've had nothing but positive feedback about it from players and one thing I've noticed is it makes fights faster and more fluid.

At first, this seemed rough because who wants a big super hero fight to be over super fast? Well... I do? I think 5-6 turns is a great length for a combat if the players are really fluffing things up as they go. As a comparison, go re-watch the Thanos fight on Titan from Infinity War. That was like... 7 turns long, tops. The fight in the beginning between the Voldemort and not-Hulk fighting Strange/Iron-man/Spidey was like 4 turns in total and it felt pretty complete.

Most major comic book battles take place over like 2 pages. So I think a fighting going for 6 turns means it was a real knockdown drag out.


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