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Star Trek System?

Star Trek: The Role Playing Game is an actual thing from the 80s. I own one of the modules.

Supposedly it's a decent and mechanically robust system.

Originally Posted by ChickenIan View Post
FASA's Star Trek Tactical Combat system from the 1980's is still used by some today.
I mean so is AD&D but no one is singing the praise of THAC0

True, but there's websites keeping the game alive via new ships. Mind you, it didn't go into the roleplaying aspect, but it was a nice companion to the RPG.

Originally Posted by Raveled View Post
I mean so is AD&D but no one is singing the praise of THAC0
The people still playing 2nd Edition probably are.

I wonder what kind of songs you could make up praising THAC0?

The FASA RPG was OK, for its time. The starship tactical combat was not bad, more streamlined than Starfleet Battles at least (low bar), but the RPG had some issues, mostly with the ease with which the skill system could be broken.

Originally Posted by Southernskies View Post
Tiffany cobbled together a Cortex Plus hack several years ago that looked be developing well before it collapsed.
I wrote the system.

I have both the FASA and Last Unicorn star trek systems.
There... not good.
Not terrible mind you, but not good.

Of the official RPGs, my experience is mainly with FASA and LUG. I enjoy both for their adventure and setting material; I have no real attachment to the rules of either. I've read the most recent one (from Modiphius) and dislike it, but intend to keep one eye on it for worthwhile adventure and setting material. I have only a passing acquaintance with the Decipher game; none of the materials produced for it seemed worth skimming material from. I've no real experience with any of the other licensed games.

In terms of Star Trek RPGs I've personally GMed, I've used GURPS, Risus, BESM, BRP, and (way back in the day) the FASA game. I've never felt any particular need to stick with the licensed systems. I love Trek for what it's about and the kinds of adventures it offers, not for whoever ponied cash for the license this week =)

Originally Posted by ChickenIan View Post
I wonder what kind of songs you could make up praising THAC0?
To Hit Armor Class Zero!
That’s the sign of a savvier hero.
There are weirdos who, yup,
Want numbers to go up.
They’re as mad as the Emperor Nero.


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