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Dungeon master type

Originally Posted by Eternall Newbie View Post
I have a DM who makes incredibly hard encounters and then brings in an NPC he controls to save the party. Is there a name for this?

I mean we've had 5 sessions and 4 of them had this character show up to avoid a TPK. Is there a name for this type of DM?
"Beginner mistakes".

I mean, technically he could be running a sandbox, but then why is he saving you?
Unless you're in some kind of dungeon where you can't retreat, at this point I'd advise you to retreat and look for other options. Come back to this once you level up elsewhere.

Originally Posted by Raveled View Post
This is something you need to have a conversation with your GM about. They need to know that this sort of behavior isn't fun for you and that you want to see something different. Maybe your GM is just inexperienced, maybe they're frustrated and don't know any other way to express it. But if you let this go un-treated, it's going to get worse before it gets better.

Talk with your GM, talk with the other players to see if you are the only one who dislikes it. If talking fails and nothing gets better or things actually get worse, at least you tried and know where you are at with the group. Not talking will likely only make it go on or get worse.

First step is to see where everyone is standing, what are the things they like and what do they not like. Then you try to figure out how to resolve the things together. Lastly you all need to keep on the path to what you as a group agreed on. If you can manage, it might make for a good wrap up for each session for everyone to mention what they liked and what they hope to see in the next sessions.

Originally Posted by Eternall Newbie View Post
We are in a dungeon we can't retreat, We were captured by the lizardfolk in a cutscene and are trying to fight our way out.
Next time the NPC appears, ask him to take you out with him before he fazes out!

"You're so powerful, and you obviously care, since you've been saving us over and over. And we definitely need your help! Obviously, we can't even deal with them when we've got them surprised. Please help us!"

Best delivered by finishing with a formal bow to underscore the request!

And if that doesn't work, talk with the GM, as Raveled said.
Or you can start by talking, I don't know what works best for your group!


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