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Must-have wizard spells by level 10?

Spider climb doesn't get love because it's not very good (in 3.x). You can't use weapons while spider climbing (must have hands free) and it's questionable whether you can even cast spells with somatic or material components (same deal). Now 5e removed the hands free restriction and in fact states specifically that your hands are free as you simply go for a stroll up the wall and across the ceiling, so it's much better in 5e.

I feel that's partially incorrect. To quote a user on : "While you need both hands free to climb, obviously you can have one hand and maybe a foot free without falling, otherwise you wouldn't be able to move. Think of it like fighting on a ladder, or rigging. You need both hands to climb effectively, but you can definitely stop climbing and start fighting."
Now, I do think it's unclear if that'd allow you to use a two-handed weapon (since we don't know how many limbs you need to maintain suction) and I would for sure say there's an argument to be made that you can't.
However, having one hand free for a rapier or to wave somatic components should definitely work.

Also, there's the section under the climb rules, which presumably Spider Climb at least to some extent probably use:
"You need both hands free to climb, but you may cling to a wall with one hand while you cast a spell or take some other action that requires only one hand. While climbing, you can’t move to avoid a blow, so you lose your Dexterity bonus to AC (if any). You also can’t use a shield while climbing."

So, with that in mind it seems pretty clear that you can use one-handed weapons and sling spells, but not use a two-hander.

The rules of Spider Climb itself aren't that clear but given the climbing rules I'd say that's probably true - and I think most DMs would allow it, at the very least. Actually the main usefulness of Spider Climb is probably just getting into places you otherwise can't, though if you can climb up onto the ceiling then sit there casting spells, that's quite a powerful defensive move too (plus you might get the drop on people that way - perhaps literally).

I think it's more just that at the low levels, you don't have many slots to spare for that kind of thing and the duration, whilst long-ish (certainly plenty long enough for a fight or even many ambushes) is not exactly all-day long - and at the higher levels (when 10m/l is ages and a L2 slot is not a big deal) you probably have flight or similar (perhaps always-on Overland Flight) which makes it a bit redundant.

Feels like an underloved spell, but it's certainly not a "must have".

There's a bunch of spells that are more useful as 1 offs or backups. Once you get access to scrolls, wands, staffs, etc then loading a few of them into that is pretty good.

A wizard doesn't have to pick and choose his spells with much care, since his niche is Batman-ing (using whichever spell is most appropriate to that specific scenario).

Now, the same question as applied to a sorcerer would instigate rather more controversy. And a visit by Solo, whom I see is already in attendance here.


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