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Nature-focused Kitsune

Nature-focused Kitsune

I'm trying to make a Pathfinder character based on a character from a novel I'm writing. The character's name is Kei and he's an animal spirit that lives in a forest full of various nature spirits like dryads, naiads, and other animal spirits. I'm using kitsune as the race as it's the most fitting. He's very protective about nature, can use some magic but fights with tooth and claw if need be. The obvious choice is druid, but I don't really like prepared casters. Is there another class he could go with?

Nature Oracle, is that a thing that would fill your need??

Because at first, I thought shaman would do the trick, but then you said you disliked prepared casters... that narrows down the options quite drastically.

Well, it's not so much dislike as much as they're more difficult for me. I tried to make a wizard once and my brain fried. I do have a Cleric character.

What would be a good way for a kitsune to get claw attacks? I don't want to use a Sorcerer's Draconic Bloodline as it just doesn't fit a fox character. The Lesser Beast Totem Barbarian power only works while raging.

There is always the Aspect of the Beast feat. There are plenty of ways to get it too as it is one of the feats available to the natural weapon combat style for rangers if you don’t meet it’s standard prerequisites.


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