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Dungeon master type

Dungeon master type

I have a DM who makes incredibly hard encounters and then brings in an NPC he controls to save the party. Is there a name for this?

I mean we've had 5 sessions and 4 of them had this character show up to avoid a TPK. Is there a name for this type of DM?

I don't know if there's a term for GM's about this, but it sounds a little like hero syndrome. It's usually found in firemen or police or the like who put people in danger so they can save them.

Someone who doesn't want to be the GM, I'd say. They're bringing in their super-duper-NPC, it's usually because they'd rather play that NPC then run the game.

Originally Posted by Fervus View Post
Could be inexperienced. Context? Why are you looking for a label?
I was wondering if there was a name for it. The last time it happened 4 lvl 3s against two lizardman shaman and two lizardman skullcrushers. The shaman weren't normal shaman though because somehow they had an AC of 17, and at least 45 hp. the skull crushers, I'm not sure what they actually were but they had an ac of 14 or 15, more HP than the shaman, used battleaxes and had multi-attack. We got a surprise round and all attacked the same skullcrusher, He went down like two rounds later, We'd already been in a few battles and I (paladin) had 1 spell slot left, our sorcerer had none, and our warlock had full because we'd just finished a short rest.. The rogue and I went down the next turn, then the NPC warped in. He saved us with potions, after he helped take down the other skullcrusher and one of the shaman.

The problem is this happens almost every week, we've had 5 sessions now and 4 of them would have been a tpk without the NPC warping in.

This is something you need to have a conversation with your GM about. They need to know that this sort of behavior isn't fun for you and that you want to see something different. Maybe your GM is just inexperienced, maybe they're frustrated and don't know any other way to express it. But if you let this go un-treated, it's going to get worse before it gets better.

Remember to make a compliment sandwich if you decide to bring it up with the DM.

"You've come up with a lot of great ideas for the game so far. Balancing the encounters better so we don't have to be bailed out by NPCs all the time would help. You've been so creative in the narrative."


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