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Help select powers for a blaster psion

Help select powers for a blaster psion

Hi all (again)

Could use some advice for a blaster kineticist psion. For the most part, I fulfill my party's blaster role of being able to put down a lot of damage very quickly on the BBEG or wipe out mooks in the way. I also provide utility purposes as much as I can, and try to clear away enemies from downed friendlies.

I'm a fire type blaster. Books: XPH, and that's it. If it's on SRD, it's ok. If not, nope.

GM has nerfed Control Sound. Also requires a feat to use an energy effect other than fire (so 1 feat to get sonic energy, etc). TK Force is nerfed. Touchsight and Blindsight do no exist. Energy Missiles cannot target objects. Share pain + Vigor is nerfed (Psicrystal needs repair, no HP, as a construct). Psicrystal doesn't get feats, etc. Time Hop doesn't effect just anything, but has to be a clearly delineated object: A brick in the wall, a link in a chain, a rope bridge = no. A door or entire object = yes.

Stuff like Psionic Shot don't work on rays, etc. No researching powers to add to list.

Not to sound pessimistic, but if it's questionable, it'll be nerfed/banned, and no rule bending.

INT 20, lvl 7, pure psion, kineticist. feats: Improved Init, Extend, Overchannel, Talented, Expanded Knowledge, Psicrystal Affinity. (Extend isn't really useful except on Astral Construct so far, might change that out)

Lvl 1 Powers:
Force Screen (I wear mithril chain shirt)
Entangling Ecto
Astral Construct (via feat)
Control Flames (Advice on how to use this effectively? Right now it's for flavor and later on when it gets more powerful).

Lvl 2:
Control Air
Energy Missile (My go to power for damage)
Ego Whip (In case of Evasion)
Levitate (I want to ditch this for something else via reform)

Lvl 3:
Energy Wall (never used this yet)
TK Thrust (a few uses, like disarming a few people, moving enemy way from down friendly, etc)
Time Hop (never used in combat, because friendly is unconscious and has to make a saving throw)
Dispel (a must, or so I hear)

Lvl 4:
Control Body (Prevents enemy from actions or casting, and makes them attack their buddies? Sounds good to me)
Dimension Door (Group has an issue with getting up on places or the armored melee trying to swim)

I've never gotten far in a game, so I don't know how things work at higher levels. My group is rogues, melees, and clerics. So combat is them charging in and duking it out. I'm trying to find ways to contribute better. I generally Energy Missile (with Overchannel and Talented) people for damage. When it's groups of mooks, I go for grease or entangling ecto to conserve points. Astral Construct when there are flanking enemies or I need protection.

I doubt I can improve the lvl 1 power list so far. Lvl 2, Control Air hasn't been great yet, but maybe. Lvl 3: Energy wall never works out because the group is in melee and I would set fire to buildings if I used it inside. Time Hop, to save a friendly, this takes some planning. Never used it on a door or such yet, since our rogues can usually open it. Debating on dropping this one. Tk Thrust, it's gotten a few uses. Seems like it'll be useful for moving enemies, disarming, sliding friendlies away from danger, etc.

I would like to eventually do a Control Body and Solicit Psicrystal combo, but that's pretty expensive on the PP, so not just yet, maybe in a few levels.

I'm doing a psych reform right now, so looking for help.

Thanks for any advice.

Wait, I think the GM already ruled that out. Plus I don't have the CHA to be effective on that. I do like that PrC idea though.

Look your ultimate problem isn't with build mechanics build mechanics but your DM, for whatever effective powers we suggest, your DM will nerf.

Originally Posted by Solo View Post
Look your ultimate problem isn't with build mechanics build mechanics but your DM, for whatever effective powers we suggest your DM will nerf.

Based on your description, the DM has no clue about how to handle psionics. With the release of XPH, psionics finally were given mechanics that were balanced, actually worked, and were fun to use. If he hasn't nerfed the party cleric to uselessness as well, I'd ask why. That's one of the single most broken classes in the game...


He might at that. He's always telling me I'm a sucker for not taking his nerfed/banned/nerfed version TK Force power. It is literally worse than Far Hand, but just lifts more. He also thinks clerics are suckers for not taking the Healing domain.


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