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This week in video games...

Being early access the story isnt finished yet. It's billed as being episodic as updates further things. Theseus & the Minotaur just got added this go-round to my understanding. Per the patch notes - "New Story Events: including ~1,000 new voice lines!"

So for being story-centric, I feel it will get pretty deep for story by the time its done. Given whats there already and what I've gotten to experience, I can imagine it being pretty damn good for someone jumping in once its actually a finished product.

Bastion's my favorite so far; Transistor was good, too, but Bastion stuck with me better.

Also, "I dig my hole, you build the wall, I dig my hole, you build the wall... One day that wall's gonna fall!"

Has anyone else been checking out the middleware market these days? I've been increasingly interested in this publisher, Focus Home Interactive for a while now that's been taking interesting takes on similar genres for a while that I've really enjoyed. They've done two Action RPGs in the vein of Dark Souls in the form of the sci-fi influenced The Surge and the best vampire themed game IMO since Bloodlines, Vampyr. But right now I've been going through their newest game, A Plague Tale: Innocence.

Gameplay-wise and storywise, I'd say it's kind of a derivative of The Last of Us but instead, because you're playing a 15 year old noble girl with nothing but a sling and her wits, every enemy can take you down in one hit. There's more of a focus on an interesting stealth & puzzle loop, and many sequences focus on real world terrors and horrors, as while there isn't just an overzealous and crazed inquisition going on threatening your life, if you have a phobia of rats, DON'T PLAY THIS GAME! And if you don't, it just might will.

The trailer of A Plague Tale looked really fun, made me think of a more medieval Dishonored.

I'm not able to link at the moment, but Jim Sterling did a video on A Plague Tale that made me really excited to check it out, the next time I have a long weekend.

Having beaten A Plague Tale: Innocence the other day, I'd like to share my brief thoughts on it. I'll endeavor to avoid any sorts of spoilers, but I'll put it in tags regardless.

tl;dr: I liked it, would recommend it. It was a bit shorter than I would have liked, but the pacing and excellent writing kept it from feeling too short at the time. Don't play this if you're musophobic or may develop musophobia.

And, in other gaming news, Pathologic 2 releases today, and I for one am excited. If I still had any hair left I'd expect to tear it out from frustration after only a few hours, and I cannot wait.

Have to agree with you there. I've not yet beaten it, but I'm somewhere around the penultimate chapter I think.

Visually, I think this is probably one of the (if not the) most beautiful looking games I've ever played. The sense of immersion is incredible, even if it is all in 3rd person.


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