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Just checking in. winter's still dead.


2012 Hottest Year on Record?

Just checking in, bored. It's still hot.

Dear god.

We are supposed to have a few inches of snow wednesday night. it's currently in the 50's.
When i was a child we had foot and a half snow drifts for over a week at this point in the year.

Chicago has had the longest stretch without snow on record.

60 in the mid atlantic

December 19th, 2012, and here in Dallas, Texas we're looking to be pushing 80 degrees, and wanting our ACs on. I've worn shorts nearly every day since March 15th (wearing long pants and a jacket only 5 times in that span, and only after the sun set). In fact, I don't even think we've had a freeze (soft or hard) yet this year. I want my cold weather, it's the only time my house is cool enough to be bearable without being mostly naked.

Hell, all summer, with the AC set to 78, the average household thermostat reading was 82-86. ACs hardly ever turn off in Texas Summers.


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