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2017 MW Fantasy Football

Hey, no need to be so negative. At least the conversation with everyone is well balanced, to our credit.

NOTICE: Due to RL stuff that I cannot possibly avoid, I had to move the draft to Sunday, September 3, at 7 PM PDT.

I have no moral opposition to that change.

(Works for me)

Guess that means I will be Auto-Drafting again. *shrugs* If it was earlier in the evening, I could do it. But 7 Pacific? That is what time I will be heading to work.

Considering that's a Sunday, if anyone has a preference for an earlier time, let's discuss.

7 PDT almost works for me, that's when I get off work. Assuming I work that day anyhow, which I may or may not. Probably miss at least the first couple of rounds if that's the case.

Bugger. I'll be at DragonCon on that day, but I should be able to draft... I'll just have to remember to take my laptop this year.

And actually, I can probably swing it to get off early that night, so no problems at all.


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