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Can't Get Rid of Shared Sheets

Can't Get Rid of Shared Sheets

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Message: (I haven't been able to get rid of these sheets at all. I had them connected to me so that I could make sure a new player was getting doing her sheet right, but now I can't get rid of them now that I'm doing some spring cleaning. Deleting them on my side doesn't help at all. Any suggestions or fixes?)

Try this:

Originally Posted by Whisper View Post
- open your library (e.g. by using the link or by going to "Sheets" in the top menu and going to "My Library" there)
- use the "Shared With Me" filter on the left to display sheets that are shared with you
- tick the checkbox on the left of the sheet(s) you no longer want to have shared with you
- click the "Remove" button

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