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Blades in the Dark - Crew Choices

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What Blades Crews Would You Most Like to Play In?
Assassins 4 21.05%
Bravos 3 15.79%
Cult 6 31.58%
Hawkers 2 10.53%
Shadows 5 26.32%
Smugglers 12 63.16%

@Kreytari - Action and comedy tend to appear in my games more often than not. I've never been successful at maintaining a "horror" or "grimdark" feel to any of my games.

@Dybrar - I kind of like the sound of that one. Maybe something like "The Most Exalted and Vile" or similar. Thanks for the suggestion!

"Haunted Roads" is pretty spot on for Smugglers (and would also be a sweet name for a metal album ). As for the Cult, assuming they'll be acolytes of a forgotten god as per standard, maybe something along the lines of "Children of the Forgotten."

If smugglers is Haunted Roads, then for the cult, how about The Forgotten Path? Has a nice symmetry don't you think?

@Ver2os1 - That is nice symmetry. I think I might go with something like Distorted Divinity for the Cult game though. I kind of like Dybrar's idea of a uncertain balance between the terrible and the glorious when worshiping a Forgotten God.

Okay, I think I'm going to call the poll here....with Smugglers being the winning Crew and a Cult following in second place. Shadows was a close third though.

I'm going to start putting together the Smugglers and the Cult game. Hopefully, I'll have ads up later this week. If those games start off smoothly without much tearing of my hair out, I might look into starting up a Shadows game as well.

Thanks to everyone for your votes and input! I'm looking forward to seeing your applications!

Game ad is up!


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