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Non-Lowbie StarFinder? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

One of the things I most enjoy about getting to play in sci-fi settings is toying with trans-human and post-human themes with my characters. My previous two Starfinder characters in homebrew settings were based around this to various degrees. How much freedom are you willing to allow with setting elements?

Edit: Also, to what extent are you thinking space travel is available in the Solar system? Are we talking mostly government bodies and large industry or taking the family on a weekend trip to the low-g lunar resorts?

Originally Posted by Mister Doctor View Post
So something akin to Mass Effect Andromeda's basic story structure without the terrible facial animations and cringe inducing dialogue. The core assumptions being:
-Space travel is safe and effective.
-It is simpler to send a colony ship outside the solar system that try and terraform a planet like Mars.
-There is a force outside of science's current capacity to explain that sentients can tap into in the form of Mystics and Solarians.

Great! This gives me plenty of room to stretch my weird sci-fi legs some. I just got finished reading Blindsight and Echopraxia so I'm still running on those pair of oddities despite my issues with some of their core assumptions. Of course, ostensibly being a part of a military organization will limit just how strange I can go.
Dammit @Mister Doctor , you almost literally stole the words right out of my mouth!

I know I'm probably in the minority (or...more likely, the silent majority, at least based on sales figures), but I LOVED Andromeda! I've played it through three times and enjoyed it more every time. Now, in the interest of disclosure, I didn't get into it until after the 1.05 patch (I pretty much never buy AAA titles right at launch), so most of the truly horrid textures and visual bugs were gone by then. And while there was some issue with dialogue, IMO it wasn't as bad (with a few notable exceptions) as people try to make it out to be. The overall story was engaging, I liked the backstory, the new alien races were well done, and in general it was a good game. It's not one of the best ever, but it's still a solid 7/10 IMO. Most of it's flaws, really, boil down to BioWare selling their soul to EA, and EA then engaging in their usual f**kery when it comes to AAA titles. Service based games (and the twit casuals who feed them their money) are cancer, pure and simple.
Originally Posted by L_X_D View Post
Definitely influenced by Andromeda (I enjoyed the story) but I want to place more emphasis on there being very little known aliens in the galaxy, beyond the Kasatha and the artefacts of (what is presumed to be) a deceased race, as far as anyone is aware you're all alone out there. It's also developed with other influences including WH40K to a degree, though I didn't really realise that until about thirty seconds ago, Lost in Space (the new show and the film from the past twenty years) and other sci-fi books/films/tv-shows/games I've played over the years.
To follow up on that...I assume the PC's would be something akin to the Pathfinder and their team. Perhaps not with an individual Pathfinder/Commander Shepherd like character - unless you wanted to set it up like that...there is something to be said for establish a chain of command in a game that involves military characters. I'd suggest you make the decision on who's in charge...either that, or work it out as a group once the final team is chosen. Everyone would have to agree to take orders IC, and the team lead would have to agree to not be a jerk about it.

Also, apropos of nothing, how is the new Lost in Space show? I haven't had the chance to binge it yet, but it's on my 'To Watch' list. I used to watch the old 60's show with my dad when I was a kid (on Nick at Nite...I'm not THAT old! ), and I LOVED the movie with Matt LeBlanc and Heather Graham. That scene where LeBlanc's character is armoring up while facing off against the space bugs is still one of my yardsticks for badassery in sci-fi movies.

Psst Ark... your curmudgeon is showing (you kids get off my lawn!)

(Ofc, I 100% agree re: bioware & EA, though I've avoided andromeda.)

LXD: Sounds fun.

Re: Lost in Space @ netflix: it's not bad. I can't comment on how it relates to the original series (I think I saw an episode or two a looong time ago), but it was ok.

*Waves his cane threateningly at Tim! Gets tired. Lies down for a nap.*

Thanks for the req though. I definitely want to check out the show. The trailer looked AWESOME! One of these days I may have time to watch it.

Originally Posted by technoRomancer View Post
I assume Human and Kasatha will be the main allowed races, but... could I play an Android? Whether a wholly human protype or reverse-engineered from recovered alien tech, I can see a few different ways it could work and reasons for one to be on the team.
I don't think (just my opinion, mind you) that humanity would have the technology for living androids as starfinder defines them in the not so distant future, but the Kasatha might, and may even model some on the strange human creature they have discovered...or an alien artifact upon contact with human may have created an artificial being based on them


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