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Episode 4: THE REGAL WRANGLE! (World Wide Wrestling)

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Episode 4: THE REGAL WRANGLE! (World Wide Wrestling)

People of Wrestling - Forum

Get ready! People of Wrestling is gearing up for its first pay-per-view show with the "Regal Wrangle" (just like the Royal Rumble)! The winner gets a shot at the championship title.

The game is run on the World Wide Wrestling system, which is a spin-off of Powered by the Apocalypse system. It is very easy to pick up and there lots of room for narration and detail. We shoot to start the next episode within the next week. Follow the forum to the "locker room" for character creation. Ask me any questions you may have.

Game Description:

This is an open game to anyone and everyone that want to live out his or her dream of being a pro wrestler! Be the golden boy face of the company, the hardcore hitter that doesn't give up without a hard fight, or even the jobber that likes to make everyone look their best!


This game follows the World Wide Wrestling RPG rules designed by Nathan D. Paoletta. You can get a copy of the rules here: http://ndpdesign.com/wwwrpg/

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The Regal Wrangle will feature 30 pro wrestlers (a mix of players and NPC). This is a very easy game to pick up and play as you only need two six-sided dice and an imagination. There are many, many character gimmicks/classes available to play as.

I just want to throw my appreciation as a player at Ulyth, and at our group in general for being patient with posting speeds. Ulyth is a great Manager type, and I can't wait to get into the Wrangle, but I'm also hoping for some new faces to show up.

Hmmm... I do love over the top wrestling... But sadly my laptop is on the fritz at the moment... I'll see if I can get something done up on my phone, though.

And see if I can find a copy of the pdf or something...

Decided I'd toss my two-bits in as well, as a fellow player in Ulyth's game. I've always loved this PbtA system, as a long-time fan of wrestling I love the freedom allowed while still being accessible enough to people who don't have the slightest about the spectacle of professional wrestling.

Ulyth does a pretty amazing job letting us set up our own storylines and rivalries and the roster's very interesting and varied across the board.

I myself play the roster's resident Shooter who might be labeled a heel, but is as good as a Tweener, they way I've been playing her. I have to praise the work of the other players, even the ones who only recently joined us, and I must say I'm excited to see how things progress during and after the Wrangle.

I'm intrigued by this but I'm not sure about role choice. Do I have to choose an open role or are we allowed to double up on roles?

Originally Posted by MrDTW View Post
I'm intrigued by this but I'm not sure about role choice. Do I have to choose an open role or are we allowed to double up on roles?
I would prefer a role not taken, but what do you have in mind?

I wanted to make a shootfighter.

I guess I could take Technician and then take Real amateur to get close to that.

Playing a face is my only concern. I am an awful face but you seem to be heavy on heels.

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