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Is ditzie down or dead?

Is ditzie down or dead?

I have been using ditzie maps for several years and have appreciated the simple ways of managing maps, and permitting players to move their own icons. Now, the site is unaccessible and I can't find any information about it just having some downtime or if it (along with the maps I've made there) is lost forever.
Does anyone know?

Thanks, Intro! I didn't know that.
Siege didn't know ditzie was down either, but he restarted the server and now it's back up again.

I'm still using it for game (but hadn't recently) so this is good to know!

For a while now it's said on it that it's going to be changing and I don't think it's possible to sign up for new accounts so I was worried that it was gone for good. That would be a shame, since it's a really simple but effective way to make useful maps and things.

The site's still alive and I'll do my best to keep it so. We just had a bit of a hiccup the other day.

The image gallery software that the backend relies on has been deprecated for years now, but it keeps on ticking. At some point I'll buckle down and rewrite it all, but I have to say it's just not high on my to-do list. That being the case, if you do need a new account, feel free to DM or email me.

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