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I built my brawl deck with Dragon Soul + six 0-cost spells. Mulled for the stone in my opening hand, took my T3 dragon, then just waited until I had 3 portals stacked up so that I could cast them all, drop a 5/5 dragon, then usually drop at least one of the creatures from the portal for free.

I was just happy to use the Dragon Soul...

Wow! i just got 3 wins in a row with an old Warlock Demon deck I built ages ago... like before Witchwood came out. I didn't think it played very smoothly, but 2 of the players just gave up by round 5, and the third one surrendered in round 8 with 5 HP left (I had 21).

I wonder if new build dynamics are creating holes that old deck strategies can punch through. My phone is dead, and the app is on there (I'm not putting it on my tablet or I'd never get any work done) so I can't post the deck now, but I'll put it up later so someone can help me understand how this deck managed to pull off three consecutive dominations... something none of my other decks can do.

Zoo and demon Warlock can rock some games.

Yeah, but my Warlock deck was never actually designed to win. It was designed for the same reason I have a Shaman Murlock deck: because sometimes, I have a quest for a lot of the same type of minion to be summoned. So... I'm not sure how this deck did so well, and now I'm curious about it. After looking at it, I realized I must've beefed it up at some point during Witchwood, because there are definitely some Witchwood cards in there. But this, traditionally, has been the weakest of my custom decks. I essentially never play Hunter, Warrior, or Druid, so those still use pretty much the starter deck, or the recommended free deck on Hearthpwn, but Warlock is a class that just never interested me. I generally have good luck beating Warlocks, and generally have tough luck winning with one... until now.

Ya, i could see that winning games. Demonfire is stong in a deck like that. I'd lose the Corruptions for like another Flame Imp and Kobold Librarian. Good crafts if you don't have a 2nd and not going to buy packs from their sets. Imps are Classics and strong. Succubi can be really good on a budget.

I'd also look to replace skull of manari and lackey. They are both better with only a few, high cost or costly battlecry minions in hand / deck.

Cards like Dire Wolf Alpha can be good in something like this as well.

Some new stuff In The Works

State of the Meta: "Overall we’re happy with the excellent diversity of decks we’re seeing at all levels of Ranked Play."
Cards to Watch: They have their eyes on Giggling Inventor
Wild Balance: watching, considering... no changes incoming / planned - would like feedback.
4 new Classic cards (Since some have gone to Hall of Fame). Mostly meh, but new Classic cards.

"Looking forward, we expect more cards to join the Hall of Fame. There are also still some gaps in Classic where neutral Legendary cards joined the Hall of Fame, so we’re considering adding some new cards to the Classic set in the future."

Best news - for Newbies. New Ranks of 50 to 26 that will be Newbie only. Glad to see this

In-Game Tournaments ... the feature is on hold for the foreseeable future.
FireSide Gathering stuff
Esports stuff

Welcome Bundle available again:
"Okay, it never left, but it IS getting a majestic make-over. It will still offer 10 Classic card packs at a very low price (great time to try to pick up those new Classic Class cards!), but instead of a random Class Legendary card, it will now include one of six Legendary dragons from the Classic set: Alexstrasza, Deathwing, Malygos, Nozdormu, Onyxia, or Ysera!"


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